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  • prachar_1
    Profound gratitude to you, Sundari for posting this supremely significant talk, which I had never before seen. The Australian students of Sri Chinmoy received
    Message 1 of 3 , May 27, 2003
      Profound gratitude to you, Sundari for posting this supremely
      significant talk, which I had never before seen.

      The Australian students of Sri Chinmoy received an illumining and
      inspirational message from Sri Chinmoy over the weekend, when we were
      all gathered in Melbourne for our Joy-Weekend. In response to this
      message, here in Canberra we scheduled a special 4-hour Meditation
      this evening at our Centre. I spent much of the afternoon preparing
      a program and contemplating various 'themes' for the Meditation.

      When I came across the talk in your message early this evening, it
      absolutely hit the spot. It was precisely what I was looking for,
      and provided the perfect central subject for the evening's
      Meditation, expounding so eloquently, intimately yet resoundingly the
      essence of the relationship between Sri Chinmoy and his students.

      It was deeply appreciated by all members of our Centre. We have just
      concluded our 4-hour Meditation, thoroughly inspired and surcharged.

      Thank you once again.

      By the way, for many more such inspiring talks by Sri Chinmoy,
      members need go no further than http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com

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      > Prachar's message about 'Pinnacle Moments' really inspired me
      > and reminded me of a talk that Sri Chinmoy gave once when he
      > came to San Francisco many years ago. We had done a
      > presentation where we each carried a heart which had a poem
      > about the heart on the back. We would each read our poem and
      > then place them in front of him near his feet. Afterwards he said:
      > "I cherish your hearts. I cherish and treasure each disciple's
      > heart, for that is the only thing that I shall eternally need from
      > each of you. To all the members of the Centre I wish to say that
      > your hearts are invaluable. It is your hearts that have compelled
      > me to give you what I have and what I am. What I have is
      > Eternity's Concern and what I am is sweetest love.
      > "I love you all. I love you infinitely, infinitely, infinitely
      more than
      > you love yourselves. You doubt yourselves, you belittle
      > yourselves and you hate yourselves. But I do not do that. I know
      > who you are. You are God's chosen instruments. In you not only
      > do I see God, the Supreme, but there have been quite a few
      > occasions when I have seen some of you as God Himself. I
      > want to see everybody as God Himself.
      > "Some of you, perhaps, have seen me meditating early in the
      > morning at the playground where we go to practise athletics.
      > You would stand in a queue and I would stand facing you. With
      > folded hands we would meditate. There were quite a few
      > mornings when I saw all the disciples, without exception, as God
      > Himself. My vision was absolutely correct. I didn't see God
      > inside them; I saw them as God Himself.
      > "So, dearest ones, your hearts are not at my feet. Your hearts
      > are inside the very depths of my ever-increasing gratitude.
      > Tomorrow I shall be leaving this Centre and going back to New
      > York. When I go, I shall not be going alone. I shall be carrying
      > you inside the very depths of my heart. And when you go
      > somewhere, you will not go alone. You will go with my heart's
      > blessingful gratitude and pride."
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