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Re: Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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  • scrdfire
    Dear Anami, Every word in your poem is so true and deep. Especially surrendered determination. I m simply amazed how close one could feel the essence of this
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      Dear Anami,

      Every word in your poem is so true and deep. Especially "surrendered
      determination." I'm simply amazed how close one could feel the
      essence of this race, not running it!

      I remember how I was briefly looking through the poem during the
      race – then I had no time to calmly sit, read and absorb. But now –
      all the lines give me such a thrill!

      Thank you so much for supporting all the runners and taking the 3100
      race as your own.

      Oleg, Ukraine

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      > Dear runner friends
      > This year I felt so close inwardly to all the runners of the 3100
      > mile race. Their spiritual journey along with their outer running is
      > simply gigantic.
      > My own running was at a very minimum at that time because of an
      > injury. So I got true running highs from reading about their
      > progress, listening to the videos and interviews, looking at their
      > pictures on the website:
      > http://www.srichinmoyraces.org/us/galleries/310004photo/
      > When I arrived in New York end of July, the first runner
      > (Ashprihanal) had already finished. I was only there for 2 days, but
      > just to be at the running ground felt like being at a very holy
      > pilgrim site.
      > When I saw all of you running in person, my heart simply melted and
      > I had to really concentrate to keep my tears inside my heart. I
      > happily offered a simple poem to all the runners which I had written
      > a few days prior to my arrival.
      > Thank you again to all of you hero-runners who showed us how to dare
      > to believe in impossible tasks - only by having faith, love for the
      > goal and courage to do all which is necessary.
      > This is the poem:
      > Progress-Transformation-Victory
      > Twelve heroes are at the starting line
      > Silently drinking the challenging progress-light
      > Getting ready for this unimaginable adventure
      > Of running 3100 miles in only 53 days.
      > Unperturbed patience
      > Gigantic endurance
      > Surrendered determination
      > Are their running-tools
      > To keep them going
      > Mixed with a good daily dose
      > Of cheerful enthusiasm.
      > On you go and pave
      > The highest way of transformation.
      > The citadel of doubt and pain
      > Is smashed forever.
      > Nameless and formless are your inner motives
      > Proving a new kind of sainthood true
      > By following the way ahead of you
      > From moment to moment
      > From day to day.
      > The victory divine in you – in all of you
      > Gloriously triumphs over matter and mind.
      > May you be blessed and adored by all
      > As you inspired and encouraged this world
      > By your faithful self-transcendence
      > Not to believe in any limits anymore.
      > Gratitude
      > Anami
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