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Such Unbelievable Talent!

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  • sunamitalim
    Another aspect of joyful discovery at Celebrations is the plethora of unbelievably talented souls sharing their gifts. Here s quoting Nayak on the incredible
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2004
      Another aspect of joyful discovery at Celebrations is the plethora
      of unbelievably talented souls sharing their gifts. Here's quoting
      Nayak on the incredible women's jazz band from his "Departure Day"

      "Skipping to the evening, we had several singing and instrumental
      groups perform for us, including a women's jazz band playing
      arrangements of two of Sri Chinmoy's songs. This group is a special
      attraction, because all of the members participate in other singing
      groups that usually sing quite devotional songs, and the switch to
      this format (jazz) is striking. The leader of the group is a lawyer
      who used to have her own band, and now she is lead electric guitar
      in this special jazz band. Sri Chinmoy complimented them on the
      progress that they had made since their last performance. It was fun
      seeing these performers who are capable of the greatest delicacy and
      nuance in spiritual singing, now beating on drums, blowing
      saxophone, ripping on guitar, pushing on the keyboard, with our
      great classical cellists adding to the cosmic flow." WOW!!

      I'm also thrilled by the extraordinary talent that surfaced at the
      classical concert. From the refined, velvety sounds of the Austrian
      ensemble that their polished Vienna orchestral members suffused the
      full-moon night sky with; to the incredible virtuosity of the Russian
      stringed dorma musician who not only produced a soul-stirring sacred
      Russian piece with her co-musician, to her equally accomplished
      accompaniment to D.'s lilting Chinese operatic piece reminiscent of
      Puccini...--every note still sings out so majestically these many
      days after!

      Indeed, as Sri Chinmoy's poem suggests:

      Is the beauty
      Of poetry's breath.

      Thus do poetry and the lyrical beauty of Celebrations sustain us
      forever; even as Roger notes, it's always the best Celebration each
      time round, with new divine thrills nourishing us! But then, isn't
      this the inspiration for and of Celebrations to nurture us, as well
      as sharing our divine rhapsody with others?

      From a heart brimming over with love and gratitude,
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