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Re: OT - German Language Humour

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  • doriscott20002000
    Jes, it s pretti funni, thank you very Much! One of the Germans soul (pleeease no hyphen Doris) qualities is nobility, therefore they treat everybody like
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 31, 2004
      Jes, it's pretti funni, thank you very Much!

      One of the Germans' soul (pleeease no hyphen Doris) qualities
      is "nobility," therefore they treat everybody like God by using the
      capitalized "You."

      Germans also like to see objects as subjects! For example when they
      see a train arriving at the station they cry out happily: "She is
      coming!" instead of saying:"it is coming!"

      The german word for "movie" is "Lichtspiele" (or Licht-Spiele)?


      In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, srichinmoyinspiration
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Rumor has it that the German word for movie is
      > "gettensieausofdemhausdiverzionspiele." I've noticed that when
      > Germans write in English, even if they translate all the words
      > correctly, they still want to string them all together using
      > hyphens, e.g.:
      > get-you-out-of-the-house-diversion-play
      > I want to explain to all the Germans that we mostly don't use those
      > hyphens in English. Unless you KNOW a word is hyphenated in English,
      > please just let it stand on its own without jumbling it together
      > with other words. For example:
      > Good:
      > While walking down the street I noticed a cat in a hat, wearing a
      > green suit with polka dots and carrying an umbrella.
      > Bad:
      > Street-while-walking, cat-in-hat-polka-dots-green-suit-umbrella-
      > carrying, I noticed.
      > If you can write things the "good" way and not the "bad," the poor
      > assistant moderator will be gratefully-forever-not-slitting-his-or-
      > her-wrists-but-jumping-up-und-down-for-joy-machen!
      > Once upon a time there was an English lady who had a German pen
      > friend. This English lady had nothing but praise for the Germans.
      > She said, "The Germans always treat you like God!" This was because
      > when she got a letter from her pen friend, it always looked
      > something like this:
      > ---Hallo Deirdre
      > I hope You are feeling better, and Your bunyans are not bothering
      > you so much. I am sending You a special homeopathic remedy. Thank
      > You for the pic of Your parakeet. It was really cute. I hope that
      > You will one day visit Germany, and then I can show You all the
      > sights.
      > Love,
      > Heidi
      > * * *
      > You see, the English lady didn't know that in German, the words
      > "you" and "your" are always capitalized. And the German lady didn't
      > know that in English, these words are NOT capitalized - unless you
      > are speaking to God! So the English lady thought her friend was
      > treating her like God... :-) (Pretty funny, huh Doris?)
      > Assistant Moderator
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