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My Visit to Ananda Fuara

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  • anami2708
    Hello everybody, The last ten days before arriving in New York I spent in San Francisco. I am so used to my own way of living that it is really refreshing to
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      Hello everybody,

      The last ten days before arriving in New York I spent in San

      I am so used to my own way of living that it is really refreshing to
      see and feel how life is in other parts of the world. And I did not
      just want to visit my friends there, but to jump into their lives,
      become part of it all; and that meant working in the beautiful
      restaurant "Ananda Fuara."

      Ananda Fuara is a vegetarian restaurant run by students of Sri
      Chinmoy, and all the customers really treasure and like it there. It
      is always very busy. Maybe if you want to know more about it, it's
      worth having a look at the website:


      For me, as I am more a silent and solitary person, it was quite a
      challenge to leave my personal zone of comfort. I jumped into a
      totally different kind of work, in a totally different country and

      I was thinking that maybe I could make myself useful in the kitchen;
      but because I wasn't used to it, I found it a bit intimidating at
      first. So, from the very first moment I was nicely trained as a
      waitress; and ever since then I was running from table to table,
      trying to understand, learning the menu card, writing the orders
      down properly so the cooks could read them, serving the customers,
      and smiling and smiling. So many new things entered my life in just
      a few days. And all the wonderful co-workers explained everything,
      showed me everything – I am really, really grateful for all that.

      The first two days were quite intense; then at night I started to
      have dreams in English about the menus, sandwiches, dressings,
      salads... and woke up amused about these kinds of dreams. After that
      I started enjoying working there a lot. Day by day it went better
      and I felt more and more comfortable with what I was doing.

      I did not spend much time sightseeing, but I saw the Golden Gate
      Bridge hidden in deepest fog. We were running along a coastal trail
      through eucalyptus trees (what a fragrance!). It was so beautiful
      and I liked it very much even if it was foggy, cold and windy – we
      were happily running on and on.

      It was uplifting to visit the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre there in
      San Francisco. For years I have known my friends from visiting our
      Master in New York, but I was never able to visit them – here
      everything was just together. How nicely you all shared different
      kinds of news with everybody by watching the internet videos,
      reporting from New York and so forth...

      Here is my offering to all of you, a kind of poem that I wrote while
      travelling on to Los Angeles:

      Ananda Fuara

      Enter the "Delight-Fountain" restaurant
      With its blue-white garment
      Decorated with porcelain-like flowers
      You will be served immediately
      With smiling face and heartfelt hands.

      Every day two human currents are meeting here like rushing rivers
      - the incoming ever hungry stream of customers
      - and the outgoing tireless stream of food-providing servers.
      In that constant stream of give and take,
      They both melt together in happily achieving
      Their mutual goal – Satisfaction-Delight.

      Unseen are the numerous hands of oneness work
      Behind the glorious floor-line in front
      That makes everything look so light and easy-going:
      - the night-watching vegetable-choppers
      - the preparing cooks and bakers early in the morning
      - the unperturbed dishwashers racing all day long
      - the troupe of waiters and waitresses flying in unison
      - the sleeplessly caring manager who writes out duties for all,
      who coordinates, solves problems, finds solutions
      who choreographs this daily dance of service-joy.

      Working together side by side to eternally meet
      The highest oneness-teamwork manifestation-peak.
      Becoming part of your growing and shining speed
      Is all that my heart from now on needs.

      Finding myself in the daily schedule
      Absorbed in a moment by patient lessons
      On flying from table to table, from smile to smile
      Blending in your open-hearted crew
      I am honoured by being a part of your light-spreading lives
      Leaving my silent gratitude-flowers with you
      While moving on to ever new experiences.

      Sorry that it does not rhyme –
      I greatly enjoyed the time with you

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