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Re: [Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration] My scaffoid experience

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  • Priyadarshan
    Prachar, Thank you very much for sharing with me your scaffoid experience. You are indeed extremely talented, not only with music (and I will always, always
    Message 1 of 4 , May 6, 2003

      Thank you very much for sharing with me your "scaffoid" experience.
      You are indeed extremely talented, not only with music (and I will always,
      always remember the most exquisite performance you conducted on April 13
      2003. As Sri Chinmoy himself said, it was "memorable") but also with poetry
      and prose.



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      > I was flying horizontal through the air, my outspread fingers barely an inch
      > from clasping the hovering disc and claiming the match-winning touchdown in
      > the decider of our 'ultimate frisbee' competition.
      > At that precise moment I was ignominiously and illegally cut down from
      > behind, crashing heavily on my outstretched hand which had instinctively
      > responded to protect me from the fast approaching concrete track which
      > formed our end-zone.
      > I was so incensed at the actions of my opponent that I ignored the pain and
      > continued playing out the game, which we ultimately lost.
      > Later that night, around 1 am the pain was getting intense, so I went to the
      > hospital. The intern who examined me assured me everything was fine and I
      > should just go home.
      > However, the following morning, everything clearly was not 'fine' and I was
      > advised to go to another hospital. Here several X-rays were taken, and the
      > expert told me quite excitedly, "You've broken your scaffoid bone. That's
      > probably the worst bone in your body to break."
      > He was excited because he had only recently attended a conference on the
      > scaffoid bone, presented by the world's leading scaffoid bone specialist, an
      > Australian. The fact that I was Australian and had broken my scaffoid bone
      > he felt was altogether wonderful, as if things didn't go well, I might have
      > the opportunity to visit his hero, the world number one scaffoid man.
      > He further explained the reason why the scaffoid is the one bone you don't
      > want to break. Unlike every other bone in the body, which is serviced by
      > arteries with fresh bone-building blood flowing strongly from the heart, the
      > scaffoid is in the vicinity of only one vein, with a weak blood flow
      > returning to the heart from the remoteness of the thumb. This means that
      > the scaffoid is notoriously slow to heal and if the said vein is not
      > perfectly aligned with the bone, it quite often does not heal at all,
      > necessitating an operation to insert a metal pin to induce the bone to bind.
      > It was this prospect which might lead me eventually to the Australian expert
      > of experts, as it was this particular scaffoid-binding operation that he had
      > supposedly perfected and for which he had earned his globe-spanning renown.
      > The following day I flew from New York back to Australia, the forearm in its
      > peculiar thumb-isolating scaffoid cast thrust aloft for the entire
      > excruciating journey.
      > I had been told the bone would take 4 to 6 weeks to heal, if it was going to
      > heal at all. I checked in with the hospital in Canberra, and they told me
      > to present for X-rays after 3 weeks, then again after 6 weeks.
      > After 6 weeks, the X-ray looked virtually the same as the original one taken
      > in New York the morning after the fall. There was a very visible and
      > distinct break, no matter which angle was presented. I was referred to
      > another hospital and a specialist. He injected me with some radioactive
      > substance, then performed some scan which only confirmed what the X-ray had
      > already clearly shown.
      > I was to come back in 2 days to have the operation to get the metal pin
      > inserted.
      > I phoned my friend in New York, and asked him to let Sri Chinmoy know what
      > was happening with my troublesome scaffoid. He returned my call the next
      > day, telling me that Sri Chinmoy had said only that "everything will be all
      > right." He had not advised me not to undergo the operation, which now
      > seemed the only chance of ever getting my scaffoid, and hence my whole arm
      > back in operation.
      > When I arrived at the hospital, the specialist who had seen me previously
      > was not available, so another doctor was there to perform the operation. He
      > decided he would like to see X-rays from a few different angles to what had
      > been previously taken. So he went ahead and shot the X-rays, and left the
      > room to examine them.
      > About 10 minutes later he returned, and proceeded calmly to remove the cast
      > from my arm. Only when the cast was completely removed he said, "You can go
      > home now. Only don't do any strenuous exercise for a few days."
      > He gave me the new X-rays to take home. I still have both sets of X-rays,
      > taken 3 days apart. The first, after 6 weeks in plaster showing a complete
      > break, the second 3 days later showing a perfectly formed whole scaffoid
      > bone.
      > Whenever I think of my little scaffoid bone, I am grateful to my Guru for
      > showing me just a tiny glimpse of his miracle-power.
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