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Re: Oneness in Goodness

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  • nayak_ltp
    A great descriptiion. The part that I loved was that nobody, nobody had any idea how touching the Lifting up the World award would be, before they were
    Message 1 of 2 , May 6, 2003
      A great descriptiion. The part that I loved was that nobody, nobody
      had any idea how touching the "Lifting up the World" award would be,
      before they were there and received it.



      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, agrahaj
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Recently Sri Chinmoy was in California, and he honoured many
      > outstanding luminaries from such a wide range of fields, including
      > several renowned performing artists. I was so profoundly moved to
      > see how moved these people were.
      > These are individuals who have received the very highest awards
      > their industry can offer, and a few of them have said that what
      > received from Sri Chinmoy is the greatest honour of their life.
      > One very famous older gentleman was unimaginably touched. He
      > exclaimed, "This has really been a total surprise, a total wonder
      > and a total pleasure! It is a most extraordinary experience in my
      > life!" This man, who was notorious for being able to speak non-stop
      > live and almost not be able to be interrupted by anyone, was nearly
      > speechless, because he was so deeply moved.
      > Sri Chinmoy also met and honoured a preeminent actress. She spoke
      > highly about meeting Sri Chinmoy and being appreciated by him: "I
      > believe in the innate goodness of the human spirit, the spirit of
      > oneness. This inspires me to do more and is a reinforcement that I
      > am on the right path." She and her entire family were all in tears!
      > We all have such goodness inside us. It is so easy to forget that
      > there is an inner cry in everyone to manifest our goodness and our
      > spirituality! It was such a magnificent experience to see these
      > great luminaries express so poignantly their own delight at seeing
      > and feeling such goodness radiating from within themselves.
      > Sri Chinmoy brings that part of each human being to the fore. In
      > process, each of us becomes so much greater, taller, happier and
      > fuller!
      > With gratitude,
      > Agraha
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