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How To Join The Group, Post and Reply

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  • srichinmoyinspiration
    Thanks to both new and returning posters for their excellent messages! There still seems to be some confusion about how to post messages, and how to reply to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2004
      Thanks to both new and returning posters for their excellent
      messages! There still seems to be some confusion about how to post
      messages, and how to reply to other people's messages. Please read
      these instructions to learn more.

      For new members, reading the board is one of the best ways to get
      the hang of it. Maybe it will be easier for some people to think of
      this as an online magazine. Together we are publishing this magazine
      daily! But because of the huge number of submissions, I do sometimes
      have to make editorial choices.

      If your posting is not approved for some reason, please don't ever
      feel that you're a bad person, that you are unloved, that your
      contribution was not of value, or that I'm insensitive to your
      needs. Maybe your posting was great, but it just doesn't work on the
      Internet, which is a peculiar medium. If you have to blame somebody,
      please blame me and not yourself. If you happen to submit a posting
      that doesn't get approved, this does not diminish by one iota the
      spiritual love and concern that your teacher, Sri Chinmoy, has for

      I often feel really swamped by all the incoming messages! They're
      great! Keep them coming! But if I don't answer your private email,
      please don't ever think I'm ignoring you or dissing you. It just
      means that I'm exhausted, and maybe don't have an easy answer for
      your question. I do hope people will use the "buddy system" more. If
      you have friends who you see are regular long time posters, maybe
      they can help you understand the unique challenges posed by this new
      medium of the Internet.

      Basic Posting Procedure

      1. Create a Yahoo ID and password
      2. Join the Inspiration Group
      3. Set your member preferences to hide your email address (!!!)
      4. Post online here:

      You can get more details here:


      [That means you click on the above link to message #2485, read what
      is written there, and carefully follow the instructions.]

      Some key points from those instructions:

      - To join the Inspiration Group, please go to:


      and click on the "Join This Group" button. (You may be asked to
      enter your Yahoo ID and password.)

      To help stay safe online, please set your member preferences so that
      your email address will not be visible. AFTER JOINING THE
      INSPIRATION GROUP, just go to "Edit My Membership" here:


      And click "Hide my email and IP address ..."

      Please also check the option: "Do not convert to HTML."

      Make sure you save the changes (click on "Save Changes").

      Once you've done that, you can go here to post online:


      (Do not post by sending an email.)

      Due to the large number of members and messages, everyone needs to
      please follow this procedure. Otherwise, your message may not

      Hint: The steps are in order. First, you create a Yahoo account.
      Then, to do something on Yahoo, please sign in with your Yahoo ID
      and password. Then join the Inspiration Group. Only after you have
      joined the Inspiration Group (and are signed in to Yahoo) can you
      edit your member preferences to hide your email address. Finally,
      you post online here:


      Also, if you're concerned about online safety, you can find more
      information about safety here:


      If you're a new member whose first language is not English, maybe
      you know a friend who can help explain things. Please use the "buddy
      system." With so many members and messages, it's hard for me to
      contact each person individually.

      If you're a new member, it will help you to spend time reading the
      messages. If you're having trouble choosing a new topic, try
      replying to a popular topic, adding your "two cents."

      When starting a new topic, you post here:


      To reply to someone else's message, follow the instructions below.

      Replying To A Message

      The above link is for posting a NEW message topic. But if you want
      to REPLY to someone else's message:

      1. Sign in to Yahoo with the ID and password you used to join the
      Inspiration Group.

      2. Visit the Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group, and locate the message
      you want to reply to. The messages are found here:


      3. While reading the message you want to reply to, hit the "Reply"

      4. Type or paste your new message in the message box, and send.
      Later, when your message appears, it should appear as a reply to the
      earlier message. This will help readers follow the topic!

      Note 1: Some people are confused by the warning that Yahoo gives
      when you reply to a message. One member wrote:

      "When I try to reply to a post, it warns me that people will be able
      to see my address."

      Here's what actually happens. When you reply to a post in the
      Inspiration Group, by default, the option which is selected looks
      like this:

      To: Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com

      That option will send your message to the group while hiding your
      email address (assuming you've set your member preferences to hide
      your email address).

      At the same time, Yahoo gives you a warning which looks like this:

      "Warning: If you reply to the message author or the group owner,
      your email address will be displayed in the message you send."

      However, you're not doing either of those things! You're not
      replying to the "message author" or the "group owner." You're
      replying to the group, so you can just ignore that warning.

      Note 2: On this board, we follow the convention of "top posting." A
      typical message will look like this:

      Your new message (top)
      Quotation of previous message (bottom)

      This lets readers quickly see your new message. If they need to know
      more, they can scroll down to the quotation of the previous message.

      All these things sound much more complicated than they really are.
      Just look at all the people who are successfully posting to the
      Inspiration Group, most of them without any special computer skills!

      Thank you for your cooperation. I look forward to seeing your

      Assistant Moderator
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