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Sincerity and spirituality

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  • bernice131313
    Eastern Light For The Western Mind by Sri Chinmoy, pages 95-98. Sincerity and spirituality are of paramount importance in our day-to-day life. Human life
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2004
      "Eastern Light For The Western Mind" by Sri Chinmoy,
      pages 95-98.

      "Sincerity and spirituality are of paramount importance in our
      day-to-day life. Human life can be successful only when it is
      founded on a one-pointed confirmation of Truth in life's

      "For a God-lover, sincerity is an oasis in the desert of life. It is
      extremely difficult to be totally sincere, but we need sincerity in
      the physical, in the vital and in the mind. What is sincerity, after
      all? Sincerity is the dynamic horse deep inside us. The rider of
      this horse is our psychic being.

      "What is spirituality? Spirituality is man's inner urge to run
      toward the Farthest, to fly toward the Highest and to dive into the

      "An unaspiring man will criticise the imperfections and limitations
      of others, although he lacks the inclination, the willingness and
      the capacity to perfect his own imperfections and limitations. A man
      of spirituality is sincere. Not only does he not criticise the
      imperfections of others, but also he is fully aware of his own
      shortcomings and tries to correct them. In addition, he sees the
      world's imperfections as his very own and tries to perfect them by
      perfecting his own nature.

      "Sincerity wants to see the light. Spirituality shows sincerity what
      the light is, where the light is and how the light can be seen.

      "An ordinary person loves the body infinitely more than he loves the
      soul. A spiritual person loves the soul infinitely more then he
      loves the body. Why? He knows that his body will last only fifty,
      sixty, seventy or eighty years, and then he will have to give it up.
      Each time he reincarnates he dons a different body, but he has the
      same soul throughout all his lives. He knows that the soul is the
      conscious representative of the Supreme, revealing and manifesting
      in each incarnation the embodied Truth on earth. That is why a
      spiritual person loves the soul much more than he loves the body.

      "An advanced seeker of the infinite Truth will give equal importance
      to the soul and the body. He knows that he needs the soul in order
      to enter into the Highest, the Ultimate, the Transcendental Beyond.
      He also needs the body in order to manifest the Truth that he
      achieves in the highest plane of consciousness. He needs the
      physical in order to manifest the divinity within him. It is here on
      earth, in and through the body, that he can fulfil God's Vision and
      God's Reality.

      "The body we need; the soul we need. The body cries for light, more
      light, abundant light. The soul cries for God's manifestation. His
      total manifestation, and for perfect perfection here on earth.

      "As the world needs a sincere man, even so God needs a spiritual
      man. Without a sincere man, the world will remain weak. Without a
      spiritual man, God will remain unfulfilled on earth. Sincerity is
      God's Heart; spirituality is God's Breath. When we offer our human
      sincerity to God, God becomes all Love. When we offer our limited
      spiritual cry to God, God becomes all Joy, all Pride.

      "With his inner light, a spiritual man can easily succeed here in
      the material world. This light is his soul-power. This power is not
      destructive, but constructive. When a spiritual man deals with the
      outer world, he has no need to fear anybody or anything on earth.
      His soul-power will always come to the fore to help him establish
      the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

      "A sincere man is of paramount importance on earth, but his
      sincerity cannot take him very far. He may be sincere to his
      friends, to his family and to the world at large; but if he does not
      have the inner cry, he will not be able to enter into Infinity,
      Eternity and Immortality. No doubt he is far superior to an
      ordinary, insincere man. But if he does not feel the need to aspire,
      if he does not feel the necessity of growing into the Light of the
      Beyond, if he does not have the inner urge, then for him the
      Transcendental Goal will always remain a far cry. His aim is only
      limited perfection, limited joy and limited achievement.

      "A spiritual person has an inner hunger. This hunger is constant.
      This hunger is for the Unlimited, for Infinity itself. His
      dissatisfaction is not the dissatisfaction an ordinary person feels
      when he does not get what he wants. When a spiritual man is
      dissatisfied with the world, he is dissatisfied precisely because he
      feels that the wealth of the world has no real value. He wants
      Infinity, Eternity and Immortality, and these he will get only from
      his aspiration. In order to have aspiration, he needs God's infinite
      Compassion; and he wishes always to bask in the sunshine of God's
      boundless Grace.

      "Again, a spiritual person does not look down on a sincere person.
      He feels that this sincere person is his younger brother. He who has
      sincerity today has every possibility of entering into the world of
      spirituality tomorrow.

      "Sincerity and spirituality should go together. If one has sincerity
      only, God-realisation will dawn on him in the distant future. But if
      one has spirituality along with sincerity, then he is destined to
      realise God very soon. With sincerity's help, slowly and steadily we
      can go to God. With spirituality's help, we can bring God to us
      quickly, convincingly and triumphantly."

      -Sri Chinmoy

      This was a talk given at Fairleigh Dickinson University
      in New Jersey on 11 March 1970.
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