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Action and Liberation - part 2

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  • bernice131313
    There is a saying that the thumb takes the responsibility; the index finger, the initiative. Similarly man s aspiration takes the initiative, but it is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2004
      "There is a saying that 'the thumb takes the responsibility; the
      index finger, the initiative.' Similarly man's aspiration takes the
      initiative, but it is God's Concern that takes the responsibility.

      "According to some people, human life is just a cruel, meaningless
      and hopeless four-letter word: work. I wish to say they are
      mistaken. They like work; what they hate is the sense of labour, the
      burden of labour. Labour and favour perfectly rhyme. After all,
      whose favour is it? God's favour. Indeed, he is God's chosen child,
      and he alone is God's favourite, who works to please God. And in
      pleasing God, he realises and fulfils himself. Then he tells the
      world that human life is a divinely meaningful three-letter word:

      "Liberation speaks. It says that we are not nature's slaves.
      Liberation teaches. It teaches us that our every heartbeat offers a
      unique opportunity to achieve liberation. Liberation sings within
      us: 'Arise, awake. Yours is the ideal Goal, the Goal of goals.'

      "Liberation is man's practical wisdom. Liberation is not a
      compromise with the world. Liberation is the end of man's
      competition with nature's temptation. Liberation elevates the
      earth-consciousness into the skies of the Beyond.

      "Which is more difficult: to cry for liberation; or, after having
      been liberated, to cry for the illumination of the ignorance-loving,
      darkness-embracing world? Undoubtedly, the latter.

      "The poor liberated man; strange indeed is his fate. He constantly
      thinks of those who hardly ever think of him. When he stands before
      the world, the world acts like either a frightened child or a
      hostile child.

      "A liberated man tells the world that God is not only knowable, but
      more than knowable. He also tells the world that it is easier to
      know God than to know the world, because when he wants to know the
      world, he has to know it through God and from God.

      "Sri Krishna is Illumination incarnate. The Buddha is Liberation
      incarnate. The Christ is Salvation incarnate.

      "The world is offering its darkness to Sri Krishna. The world is
      offering its suffering to the Buddha. The world is offering its sin
      to the Christ.

      "The fallen consciousness of the world is flying toward the highest
      Beyond to be touched by Christ, the Saviour. The broken
      consciousness of the world is diving into the deepest Beyond to be
      embraced by Buddha, the Liberator. The molten consciousness of the
      world is marching toward the farthest Beyond to be blessed by
      Krishna, the Illuminator."

      -Sri Chinmoy
      from Eastern Light For the Western Mind, pages 42-45.
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