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Self Transcendence Race #9 (Britain & Ireland)

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  • rogerfromcardiff
    Self Transcendence 2 Mile Virtual Race What gives life its value, if not its inner cry for self-transcendence? -Sri Chinmoy (please scroll down) . . . . .
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
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      Self Transcendence
      2 Mile "Virtual" Race

      "What gives life its value,
      if not its inner cry
      for self-transcendence?"

      -Sri Chinmoy

      (please scroll down)


      Women's Race

      (2)----------Sunanda-----------San Francisco------14.41

      Men's Race

      (1)----------Roger------------ Cardiff------------11:37

      Despite the fact that we are getting into the "long run season" in
      our August marathon preparations, we are still seeing some fast and
      improving times.

      In the women's race, Amelia produced her best time of the season to
      win by a large margin, while Sunanda marked her debut in the race by
      taking second place in a time of 14.41. Nurari's 14.55 was her best
      time so far. Nice to see an inspiring performance from a British
      competitor at Wimbledon! Fourth place Indrani is still knocking on
      the door of that 17 minute barrier, so good luck to her as she
      attempts to shave those few crucial seconds from her time.

      In the mens race, Roger's attempts to break through his own
      invisible wall of 11.30 were thwarted yet again, but he still
      managed a first place with 11.37. The ever-improving Suswara did his
      best time of the season to come second in 12.12, while a young
      professional from London, Devashishu, showed great promise in
      transcending his previous best by almost a minute to run 13 minutes

      My apologies to those of you who submitted times just after the
      noon-on-Tuesday deadline. I'm afraid those times will have to carry
      over to race #10 - this deadline is just so I can be sure of getting
      results collated and sent out to everyone in advance of Wednesday
      evening meetings. I should say though that one of those late entries
      was the fastest time of the season achieved by anybody! A truly
      awesome performance about which I shall wax lyrical next week.

      It's hard to decide who merits a prize this week with so many
      improvers and worthy winners, but my sources have told me that
      Bhashini's time of 18.08, achieved in New York, was her best not
      just of this season, but for several years. She wins a free
      breakfast at Service Heart Joy.

      Race number 10 takes place any time before noon on Tuesday 6th July,
      so keep sending me your times.

      Happy transcending,

      Roger Cardiff Wales UK
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