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some new prayers

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  • prachar_1
    Following are unofficial transcriptions of two sets of new prayers recently offered by Sri Chinmoy. ************* * Do you want to be captured by God s Heart?
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30 8:39 PM
      Following are unofficial transcriptions of two sets of new prayers
      recently offered by Sri Chinmoy.


      * Do you want to be captured by God's Heart? Then start smiling, do
      not stop. Lo, God has captured you, not for a second, but for

      * God has made His beloved Home with humanity's sleepless smiles and
      breathless tears.

      * My Lord, do keep my mind as young as my heart as long as I am here
      on earth.

      * My Lord, do change my present name. I wish to have a new name from
      You: an unswerving faith.

      * There was a time when my life was a feeble and flickering

      * But now my life has become a deathless chandelier-promise-beauty
      to God.

      * My flaming heart, I need you, I need you. Do not leave me alone.

      * My flying soul, I love you, I love you. I shall not allow you to
      fly away from me.

      * The outer beauty fades away, but the inner beauty blossoms and
      blossoms and blossoms. It never stops blossoming.

      * When my aspiration is high, my heart flies and flies.

      * When my dedication is sincere, my life glows and glows.

      * I see no more my God-empty and sorrow-filled days. I see and feel
      light within and light without in measureless measure.

      * The divine in me creates everything out of nothing. The human in
      me creates nothing out of everything.

      * The human in me says: "Look, I can destroy the world." The divine
      in me says: "Look, I can love the world."

      * My Beloved Supreme says to the divine in me: "My child, I am so
      proud of you, that you can also do the same as I do."

      * The Supreme says to the human in me: "Son, I accept My defeat. I
      shall never be able to do what you are always doing - destroying My
      beautiful Heart-Garden, the world."


      * God hears only my silence-prayers.

      * I must go far beyond my time-born tears and my time-bound smiles.

      * God's most powerful Pride feeds my inner poise seven times a day.

      * My life is not a huge frustration-banyan tree. My life is my
      aspiration-plane and my dedication-train.

      * Not to prove to the world who I truly am, but to improve the life
      of humanity, I came into the world.

      * I beg my Lord to give me more time for my transformation. My Lord
      begs me to have more satisfaction in my life.

      * God does not want me to play the role of a street beggar. God
      wants me to play the role of a darkness-conqueror.

      * My hope is my heavenly all-illumining star.

      * My promise is my earthly ignorance-frightening thunder.
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