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INSPIRATION highlights no.3

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  • richard13_oxford
    Inspiration highlights - week ending 31st March: There have continued to be various projects to celebrate Sri Chinmoys s 40th Anniversary in the West. One of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2004
      Inspiration highlights - week ending 31st March:

      There have continued to be various projects to celebrate Sri
      Chinmoys's 40th Anniversary in the West. One of these is the project
      to translate the poem "O My Lord of Beauty" into 40 languages,
      organised by Kamalika. So far, she has 33 different languages.
      See post #3382


      New York Trip Report: Wednesday, March 24, 2004
      From David Siegel

      Greetings to the worldwide Sri Chinmoy Centre!

      The function began around 8:40PM. The traditional rush to sit down
      before Sri Chinmoy arrived was not evident, as he arrived quite
      unexpectedly. Sri Chinmoy entered while the room was still buzzing
      with movement and voices. He was wearing a light blue sweater and
      dark blue pants. He entered from the hallway on one of his miniature
      vehicles. As he drove in front of the stage, he made a left turn at
      the aisle near the women's seating area. He then continued and made
      another left turn, cutting across the hall, then another left,
      passing down the aisle where the men were seated. He then completed
      this circle six or more times before reversing, all the while in a
      deep meditative mood. When he drove the opposite way, I was able to
      see his face quite clearly. I happened to be sitting on the aisle,
      and each time he passed by, I received an inner joy and thrill that
      is hard to describe.

      After the meditation, which lasted about fifteen minutes, he went on
      stage and sat in his meditation chair. Sri Chinmoy called up R., who
      is a close Indian friend who worked with him many years ago. R.
      played a few of Sri Chinmoy's songs on a keyboard while he sang.
      This is a tradition that goes back some years, and I must say, he
      has made considerable progress in his singing. He sang "Charana Tale
      Asan Pele," then "Bulite Diyona" (the second version) and finally
      "Rama Raghava". Sri Chinmoy then honored him by offering a
      "gratitude flower" from the stage for his birthday. We all sang the
      birthday songs for him.

      Sri Chinmoy then called up Radha's singing group to offer twenty
      songs. He had given these specially selected songs the name: "Twenty
      very special song flowers in my heart-garden". He had chosen these
      songs for many of the New York singing groups to learn. (This does
      not include Parvati's group, which sings only English songs). You
      can read more about these twenty special songs in a previous posting
      on the Sri Chinmoy Inspiration site:


      It took Radha's group twenty-seven minutes to sing those songs. The
      last song, "Dake Dake" was not sung to Sri Chinmoy's satisfaction,
      so he asked them to kindly sing it again. He said that they should
      sing it with utmost prayerful concentration, and to imagine a swing
      moving in their mind while they sang. When this did not yield the
      quality and feeling that he was looking for, he asked them to sing
      it a third time. On this third attempt, he asked them to sing
      "cheerfully, as cheerfully as you can, from beginning to end." When
      they were finished, he enthusiastically said "much better,
      excellent, excellent."

      Sri Chinmoy had previously composed songs for each member of
      Tanima's singing group. He called each one on stage and asked them
      to meditate while he sang their particular song. Sri Chinmoy was
      playing a small tote-a-tune while he was singing. He had small note
      cards which he used to read the music. Each one in the group went on
      stage while he sang out their song. After the third member came on
      stage, the tote-a-tune he was using stopped working properly. He
      then asked Bishwas to get his larger blue one. He mentioned that
      Panchajanya would bring some small ones from Germany to New York in

      Guru's latest Jharna-Kala bird paintings on 5x7 cards were then
      shown to the audience from the stage. Each drawing was a different
      color. The colors, in order, were: blue, red, green, purple, orange,
      pink, and black. Finally, out of a large envelope came a 12x14 print
      that was totally astounding! It was stunning, full of color and
      life. That particular painting had all seven of the colors.

      Sri Chinmoy resumed his performance of songs for Tanima's group. He
      started at the beginning with her song and then continued. Sundari
      was called up, but because she wasn't there, Pipasha and Anjali
      stood in her place and meditated while he sang. (They are both in
      her group).

      Sri Chinmoy left the hall for a short while. When he returned, he
      had removed his sweater and was wearing a short sleeve shirt. He
      then got on an exercise bike that Bishwas had positioned at the
      front of the men's seating area.

      Satyajit's group came on stage. There were four musicians and a
      chorus. They began by singing "Sundara Hate," the song about the
      beauty of the Lord Supreme which Kamalika has been working to have
      translated into 40 languages. See:


      Satyajit soulfully and powerfully then recited some of Sri Chinmoy's
      poems. They then sang "Maner Atite Praner Atite" with a violin,
      flute, trumpet and harmonium accompaniment. It was a beautiful and
      stirring rendition. Satyajit's energy, intensity and determination
      were evident during the performance. All the while Guru was riding
      his stationary bike.

      Sri Chinmoy then handed out flowers to a few people, including one
      of his students who was quite ill the week before.

      Sri Chinmoy then called for prasad to be given. He then realized
      that a new book was to be released, and asked for it to be bought
      out first. The title is "My Christmas-New Year-Vacation-Aspiration-
      Prayers Part 24." The preface states: "Sri Chinmoy offered the
      following prayers during his visit to Solo, Indonesia in December
      2003." It has a beautiful cover: a close up view of several pink
      lotus flowers, with a picture of Sri Chinmoy playing the esraj in
      the upper left corner.

      While prasad was being readied on the stage, he read out the names
      of those who had contributed the items for the evening. The items
      were: a cookie (in honor of the 20th anniversary of his Cologne
      concert, the first big concert of 8,000 people in 1984), an orange,
      a V8 vegetable juice (in honor of the 25th anniversary of his
      fastest marathon at Toledo, Ohio), mango lassi, a samosa, and rice
      pudding. Finally, Sandesh and my good friend Alex from San Diego
      jointly offered Russian chocolate in honor of Alex's 10th
      anniversary of working at Jyoti Bihanga vegetarian restaurant. See:


      Sri Chinmoy read out the dedication and then said to Sandesh, "Alex
      is your uncle?" and Sandesh nodded his head. Alex happened to be
      sitting next to me and enjoyed listening to their conversation.

      Sri Chinmoy spoke of his concert in Cologne: "I have given hundreds
      of concerts, but I will never forget Cologne. It gave me the utmost
      joy and satisfaction." He spoke of how sweet the flowers smelled at
      that place. His former athletic coach from his early ashram days had
      come to visit him, and it gave him such joy.

      Sri Chinmoy called up people to take extra mango lassi, extending
      his stay by a few minutes. Finally, he arose and walked towards the
      exit. "Alright" he said, smiling, as he left the hall around


      Saturday March 27
      2-mile Self-Transcendence Race Prayer by Sri Chinmoy
      From Salil

      "I must transcend my previous aspiration-heart height, I must.
      I must surpass my previous dedication-life length, I must.
      I must deepen my previous ecstasy-soul depth, I must."
      Saturday Race Prayer


      New York Function - Saturday 27 March
      From Salil

      It is 12.00 midnight and the function just finished, so I thought
      I'd write a little report about the goings on.

      Tonight's function was a concert by Sri Chinmoy followed by plays
      performed by his students. Sri Chinmoy arrived at 8.00 pm, which was
      fairly early, and most people hadn't yet arrived. He began by
      meditating for a few minutes and then walked over to the grand piano
      which had been brought in for the concert.

      Sri Chinmoy then embarked on one of the greatest piano performances
      I have had the good fortune to experience in recent times. This
      veritable cascade of notes and melodies lasted 20 minutes, keeping
      the audience spellbound throughout.

      At the completion of the piano performance, Sri Chinmoy then invited
      all those who weren't present for the opening meditation to join him
      in meditation now. Yet another example of his efforts to include all
      his spiritual children in the evening's events, even the latecomers.

      This was followed by a sublime esraj performance. Those people lucky
      enough to be coming to New York in April will see and hear how
      beautiful this new esraj is. Sri Chinmoy then invited the New York
      singing groups to perform one song each in turn.

      Following that, Sri Chinmoy performed for about 20 minutes on his
      new sitar that had been brought from India. Sri Chinmoy was truly
      delighted by his new instrument (as was the audience) and was
      explaining its pedigree. Apparently it was made by a gentleman who
      makes sitars for one of the most renowned and accomplished sitar
      players in the world.

      After the concert there were six plays. I'm too tired to tell you
      about them, except to say they were all very good--both the women's
      and the men's.

      Thanks for reading, and any other New Yorker please feel free to add
      your observations.


      Sometimes we joke about the differences between women and men, but
      it was nice to hear what Sri Chinmoy said in Sudhira's post:

      From Sudhira

      Recently, Sri Chinmoy made an off-the-cuff comment that goes
      something like this (I paraphrase): "The time will come when men
      will sincerely appreciate the divine qualities of women, and women
      will sincerely appreciate the divine qualities of men. At that time,
      both will be able to make the fastest progress."


      With this in mind, it's worth mentioning that there have continued
      to be many inspiring and soulful comments from women about their
      experiences in the Centre:

      From Tanima

      This is in response to the "Question for the Women," which caught my
      eye and raised some issues on which I would like to share my views.
      Perhaps it is best to first tell a little about myself. My name is
      Tanima, and I have been a student of Sri Chinmoy for 36 years, since
      February 1968, when I joined at the age of 20, in my last year of
      college. Actually, my mom first joined Sri Chinmoy Centre and then
      inspired me. She had heard about Sri Chinmoy from the publicist for
      the Off-Broadway show she was performing in, and she joined in 1967.
      I am fortunate to have been an integral member of Sri Chinmoy Centre
      from the beginning, and have been deeply involved in the activities
      of Sri Chinmoy and his students, mainly as a leader of singing
      groups, teaching and performing his devotional songs. Since 1970, I
      have lived in Jamaica, Queens, New York, which is the central
      location of the Centre.

      Now, to get to the question. The writer refers to the many abuses
      women are subjected to in the outer world, and asks: "Is Sri Chinmoy
      Centre a safe place for women?" The answer, of course, is an
      unconditional "Yes."

      Obviously, I can speak only from my own experience; however, that
      experience has been long, extensive and comprehensive. It would be
      impossible to be closely associated on an almost daily basis for 36
      years with an organization and its leader, and not know the truest
      nature of both on every level. I can unequivocally say that Sri
      Chinmoy, his path and his disciples embody only the absolute highest
      standards, not only of purity, but also of spirituality, morality
      and integrity. I have never, ever once, in my thousands upon
      thousands of interactions with either Sri Chinmoy or his male
      disciples, personally been the recipient of, or witnessed, or even
      heard of any abusively untoward, undivine or impure actions. (Let me
      also say that even on a subtle plane, we women have a special inner
      "antenna" when it comes to this. There is not a woman in the world
      who wouldn't recognize a man's "vibe", look, innuendos or actions
      that indicate his impure intentions.)

      Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual Master of the highest principles, the
      highest purity, and the deepest goodness, and his students reflect
      this high standard in all that they do. The way both he and his male
      students relate to the female students is always, under all
      circumstances, on the purest level, following the ancient Eastern
      spiritual traditions. To give a few examples: at all meditations and
      functions, the women and men sit completely separately; women and
      men do not ride together in a car, except perhaps for couples and
      relatives; even when we perform spiritual plays, the women and men
      rehearse in completely separate groups.

      As far as the writer getting "the feeling that many women stick
      close to Sri Chinmoy Centre because they feel protected there," for
      myself--and I think for many of my longtime friends on the path--I
      would not say that we stay in the Centre solely for this reason,
      though the protection of our pure lifestyle is certainly an added
      "plus." We stay because our lives have been transformed and continue
      to be transformed for the better. We stay because Sri Chinmoy is
      such a remarkable, elevated, and illumined spiritual Master who
      teaches us how to bring forward and strengthen our very best
      qualities, how to transcend our limitations and weaknesses, how to
      aspire, pray and meditate, and become better citizens of the world.

      The writer also speaks of people saying that women who choose the
      spiritual life are "repressed." For myself, it is exactly the
      opposite. Nothing could be more liberating than not to have to rely
      on or answer to a male partner, or to be bound to the full-time,
      almost lifelong responsibility of raising children. Don't
      misunderstand me: many women are happy and fulfilled with such a
      life. We need them in the world, and I do not look down upon them.
      However, I could not be happier with the choice I have made--to lead
      a dedicated spiritual life, a life which, thanks to my spiritual
      Master, Sri Chinmoy, is fulfilled in unceasing self-transcendence.

      I thank the author of the question, and thank all those who might
      read this for the opportunity to share my views.



      From Nemi

      I am extremely fortunate to have been a student of Sri Chinmoy since
      the age of 18. I am now 54. For 36 years I have been privileged to
      receive Sri Chinmoy's illumined spiritual guidance and encouragement
      in every aspect of my life.

      As a woman on this path, I am able to cultivate my capacities and my
      feminine qualities in a powerfully nurturing environment together
      with my fellow students. I feel safe; I feel strong. In the Sri
      Chinmoy Centre, I meditate, I sing, I write, I run, I organise
      projects, I perform in plays, I travel and meet people from many
      different cultures with remarkably similar aspirations. In the job I
      have held in the so-called "outer world" for 27 years, I work hard
      and interact cheerfully and harmoniously with my colleagues. Thanks
      to Sri Chinmoy, the inner life and the outer life, for me, have
      become seamless. There is no difference. The spiritual life is
      everything, and everything in life is spiritual.

      I know my goal, be it ever so far, and I know my way. Along the way,
      opportunities reach out to me constantly, thanks to my spiritual
      teacher. Every aspect of my life is tended to with utmost care and
      concern. Sri Chinmoy has given me the most beautiful name--which
      means sanctity, purity, sacredness--and he has given me the constant
      encouragement to grow into these divine qualities. What more could I
      ask from life? For all the blessings I have received, I am
      profoundly grateful.



      IN BRIEF

      Another activity inspired by Sri Chinmoy's 40th Anniversary has been
      the chanting of "SUPREME" 40 million times. Prachar elaborates:

      Adiratha announced a .pdf file people can download containing the
      sheet music to learn Sri Chinmoy's "Top 20" songs for 2004:

      Kedar and Projjwal were among those who marked the 20th Anniversary
      of Sri Chinmoy's historic Cologne concert with their remininscences:
      #3213 (Kedar)
      #3214 (Projjwal)

      Kedar also reported on a Joy-Day in Steinach with over 300

      Earlier, Suswara described a 40-hour event in London:

      Suchana has been praising Purnahuti and the Guatemalan students for
      their efforts to publish 40 books by Sri Chinmoy in Spanish:

      Projjwal invited people to submit book titles by Sri Chinmoy which
      they would like to see reprinted by Perfection-Glory-Press:

      David Siegel continued his "40 Poems" series in honour of Sri
      Chinmoy, and Arpan DeAngelo inaugurated his own series:
      #3392 (David)
      #3278 (Arpan)

      Arpan marked the 25th anniversary of Sri Chinmoy's fastest marathon
      (Toledo). Video of the race is now online at Sri Chinmoy TV:

      Kamalakanta is enriching Radio Sri Chinmoy with more LP albums by
      Sri Chinmoy. He has also put recent functions online, as well as
      posting more gratitude poems:

      The Aspiration Ground guards have both amused and inspired us with
      challenges such as eating at 40 restaurants and losing 40 pounds
      collectively. Projjwal and Sanjay tell us more:

      In post #3216
      Matt Boulton asked if anybody would like to sum up The meaning of
      life in 7 words or less. There have been various suggestions:

      From Dharmaja

      "The kingdom of Heaven is within you."
      -- Jesus Christ

      "You are a fantastic dream of God."
      -- Sri Chinmoy

      From Nivedak


      From Rintu

      "Let Thy Will be done, My Lord."

      From Sarada

      He (Sri Chinmoy) said that you didn't need to read any of his
      writings or any of his books, if you just said the following mantra:

      "God loves me, I need God."

      I think the idea was that this mantra contains the essence of all of
      his writings.


      Thanks to all the posters this week.

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