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Question For The Women

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  • srichinmoyinspiration
    March 8th was International Women s Day. We failed to mark the event, but I m thinking maybe we should have. I would like to ask the women how their experience
    Message 1 of 110 , Mar 19, 2004
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      March 8th was International Women's Day. We failed to mark the
      event, but I'm thinking maybe we should have. I would like to ask
      the women how their experience as students of Sri Chinmoy has shaped
      their lives.

      We see that in the outer world, there are so many problems with
      rape, abuse, and harassment. I get the feeling that many women stick
      close to Sri Chinmoy Centre because they feel protected there.

      Sometimes in the outer world, people make fun of women who choose
      the spiritual life, saying they are "repressed" and other unkind
      things. But I once heard an interview with a woman who said she felt
      empowered by living the spiritual life, and that the role of women
      in mainstream society has become vulgarized.

      Sometimes in life, those who are most virtuous are taunted by those
      who are most wicked, and those who are most innocent are victimized
      by those who are most guilty of wrongdoing. Recently, Johnji posted
      a poem by Sri Chinmoy called A Life of Innocence. At the time, it
      struck me that one reason people are often moved to tears when they
      meditate with Sri Chinmoy is that the consciousness he brings down
      is one which is completely pure and innocent - so much so that it
      brings forth what is pure and innocent in us, and cleans away all
      our impurities, like a mother bathing her children.

      A painful reality of life is that what is most pure and innocent is
      often what is attacked by people who have become troubled. I do not
      fully understand it - except that maybe spiritual sickness leads to
      mental sickness.

      Sometimes it seems that in the outer world, people have many strange
      ideas. They think that because someone prays and meditates and joins
      in the life of a spiritual community, that means they are "abused."
      Also, it seems that if someone leaves a spiritual group and later
      enters into therapy, there is tremendous pressure on them to conform
      to negative stereotypes about "cults." In some cases, they seem to
      make up ridiculous stories designed to please their therapist. Maybe
      this is one reason there is so much confusion about spiritual

      I would love to gain some enlightenment from the women on these
      issues. Let me play devil's advocate: Is Sri Chinmoy Centre a safe
      place for women?

      I Think I Love You

      God, I think I love You.
      "Daughter, what is the proof?"

      God, this is the proof:
      You know, God,
      I do not live with ignorance
      I do not play with doubt
      I do not cry with fear
      I do not eat with jealousy
      I do not dance with despair

      "Daughter, enough.
      You love Me
      I love you.
      Be happy. Remain happy."

      -Sri Chinmoy
    • durba_l
      I have been told on many occassions by seekers who have attended our classes that they have played Sri Chinmoy s Flute Music for Meditation for children with
      Message 110 of 110 , Jul 18, 2004
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        I have been told on many occassions by seekers who have attended our
        classes that they have played Sri Chinmoy's "Flute Music for
        Meditation" for children with great effect, e.g.:

        1. One teacher played it in her art class to help the students delve
        within to access the Source of Creativity.

        2. A couple of childcare workers played it when putting the kids to

        I have also been told that:

        1. A manager played it as background music on the factory shop

        2. A nurse played it in a psychiatric ward.

        Playing spiritual music is the easiest and quickest way to help one
        get in touch with one's heart and one's soul...

        "Work soulfully.
        Lo, you will not be
        able to find
        any difference
        Heaven and Earth"

        -Sri Chinmoy

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        <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > Sri Chinmoy has such excellent advice for parents raising
        > children. That is why the children turn out so well. Here is an
        > example of the advice that he gave to a concerend parent, quoted
        > from "Soul- Education For The Family-World":
        > Question: What if your child is very active and his energy is
        > taking away from your energy? You really can't speak to him,
        > because he doesn't understand, so what do you do to try to calm
        > his vibrations?
        > Sri Chinmoy: Play some spiritual music. If your child is very
        > active, making noise and so on, he will see music as a friend, as
        > somebody to talk to. When he hears spiritual music, you will see
        > that he is playing with the music. He will feel that he has a
        > friend just beside him, a friend that is as dynamic as he is. So,
        > when the two friends are playing together, then the mother can go
        > into some other room to pray and meditate. Music is the best thing.
        > If you want to read more from that book, please go to
        > http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/soul-education-world/toc.html
        > Yours,
        > Nayak
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