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A message from 2000

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  • mahiruha_27
    I was going through my prasad cabinet when I found this New Year s message that Guru gave out for the year 2000. To me it is very striking: The Absolute Lord
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2014

      I was going through my prasad cabinet when I found this New Year's message that Guru gave out for the year 2000.  To me it is very striking:


      The Absolute Lord Supreme

      Tells the confusion-mind of the world:

      "Take My Sadness-Heart and Madness-Eye

      As the last and urgent Warning.

      Come back Home immediately!"


      The Beloved Lord Supreme

      Tells the aspiration-heart of the world:

      "In you is

      My World-Transformation-Hope-Dream,

      With you is

      My Self-Transcendence-Vision-Manifestation-Promise

      And for you is

      My Smile-Beauty-Fragrance-Presence."


      The Year Two Thousand

      Is a decision-examination for humanity:


      We bind and blind the old world, and retire


      We embrace the new world of the forward march.

      The Smile of the Beyond

      Is beckoning us

      To come and play hide-and-seek.


      --Sri Chinmoy

      30 November 1999



      I was at the New Year's Meditation when he gave that message.  I remember only that the curtain opened, and there Sri Chinmoy was standing in the middle of the stage in a kurta and dhoti, hands folded, meditating upon us all with utmost seriousness and intensity.  I think he said that this message would apply to many years to come. He asked all of us to try  to make as much progress as possible in that year, in any field.  Certainly I can identify with the idea of "decision-examination", and to assess how deeply and sincerely I am devoting myself to cultivating my own spirituality.


      I think it was early in the year 2000 that the Master finished a certain number of "My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme" poems which he wrote as part of his early morning weightlifting program.  I think he finished the series in February or March of 2000 and he asked all of his disciples on that day to try to offer gratitude a thousand times.  I wish I knew the date that he completed the "My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme" series as those poems are beautiful and I'd like to offer special gratitude on that day.   Can anyone tell me?



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