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Further Recollections: Oahu Dreams

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  • mahiruha_27
    One of my friends, “Wendy”, attended the 1979-1980 Christmas Trip to Hawaii. The first stop was in Oahu. She was extremely happy there, but was also a
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      One of my friends, “Wendy”, attended the 1979-1980 Christmas Trip to Hawaii.  The first stop was in Oahu.  She was extremely happy there, but was also a little sad that she did not have the money to attend the next part of the trip, which was on Hawaii Island proper.  On the last day of the group’s stay in Oahu, Guru called her in for a private interview in his room, by the function hall.  They spoke for a little while and then she said that she would miss Guru because she could not afford to stay on the trip any longer.


      Guru was adamant that she remain on the trip.  “You have to stay,” he told her, and gave her the money.  She was so thrilled and so happy!  Guru always liked to show his spiritual children special affection, especially in their times of greatest need.


      Interestingly enough, early that morning, Wendy had had a significant dream.  In her dream, she saw that the Master was like this huge blue planet and that all of the disciples were revolving around that sphere like tiny pinpricks of light.  But they were all orbiting this vast blue planet or star, and were somehow part and parcel of that celestial body.  Then, many years later, during a celebration at the Chicago Centre of Guru’s completion of Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, she opened one of the books to this poem:


      Irrespective of their development,
      The souls proudly orbit
      Around their Lord Beloved Supreme.


      Although Guru wrote the poem a few years after her dream, she felt that it was connected on a subtle level with her experience.  The Master guides and leads us all in many unexpected and mysterious ways.



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