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Re: Tribute Mix on World Harmony Mix

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  • doris.cott
    Yes, dear Suchana, music and especially our master s compositions are unique, what makes them very special for me too. Other words fail me. Guru always
    Message 1 of 16 , Jul 23, 2013
      Yes, dear Suchana, music and especially our master's compositions are unique, what makes them very special for me too. Other words fail me.

      Guru always emphasized on using one's own talents and being creative. Years ago this advice seemed to be so remote for me, that I didn't really identify with it.

      In my youth all my friends were more or less involved and successful in different fields of art. At some point I got frustrated at always praising others' works but not knowing how to express myself. I think I was seeker! :-)

      To be very honest, after many years of listening extensively to the disciple's arrangements of our master's music I almost stopped doing this for the same reason as mentioned above.

      I am someone who needed and maybe still needs encouragement to believe in my own talents. The many beautiful songs uploaded on Shoutcast Radio, for the whole world to listen to, not only gave me the impression that someone must be a real music lover (and being at home in this subject) but also served as an encouragement to continue practicing my own instrument regularly with the result of slowly making progress. It seems to be harder to practice alone (without having an outer teacher) but it is definitely rewarding. It begins to give me joy and for that I am very, very grateful.

      Think nicely of others.
      It does not hurt you.
      Appreciate others.
      It cannot lower you.
      On the contrary,
      Your appreciation-power
      Is nothing short of
      Your elevation-tower.

      There are two kinds of failures
      In the singing world:
      Those who sing without having
      A good singing voice,
      And those who do not sing
      In spite of having a good singing voice.

      From: "Ten-Thousand Flower-Flames" books

      * * *


      P.S. I too was quite impressed by Venu's aspiration of singing the long song "Dylok Chariye" every day till the end of his life. Like you, at least I listened to the recording every day since.
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