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Recollections: Meditations with Sri Chinmoy

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  • mahiruha_27
    I remember a public meditation I attended with Sri Chinmoy in the late nineties. At one point, I went up on stage with a group of other seekers. One by one,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2013
      I remember a public meditation I attended with Sri Chinmoy in the late nineties. At one point, I went up on stage with a group of other seekers. One by one, we meditated standing in front of Sri Chinmoy, for maybe five seconds, and then he gave us a rose. The seeker ahead of me was simply astonished by the meditation and he just stared and stared at Sri Chinmoy with a fixed smile and an expression of uncomprehending wonder. Sri Chinmoy nodded vigorously at him, indicating that he was happy that the man had a nice experience, but there were many other seekers waiting to meditate with him and would he kindly return to his seat? The gentleman got the message.

      Another time, I remember it was perhaps a very early April Celebrations for me. Because the weather was inclement, the main function was held at the Queens College auditorium. During the intermission, I was just milling around, talking to other disciples. Suddenly, someone said that Guru was coming. I saw some of his attendants coming down the hall, and behind them, Guru was walking. We all stood in silence, as the Master walked by. Suddenly, he turned to the young man who standing next to me, and said ,"Hey" and tapped him on the shoulder and gave him a big smile. He looked at Guru, totally amazed. Then, Guru turned away and kept walking. I don't know if I ever saw this man again, and I never learned what he did that gave Guru so much joy.

      I remember another seeker meditation, also in the nineties. Guru called up the seekers, and a group of us sat around Guru in a semi-circle. To be in the same room while Guru was meditating was a phenomenal experience, but to be just a few feet away from him, well I cannot find the words to describe it!

      As Guru was meditating, at one point, his eyes rolled up until they were all white. Then, he would nod his head three or four times, and then he would stop. And then, he would nod a few more times, and stop. When he nodded, it was as if he was talking to some inner reality within each seeker, the soul. I got the sense he was talking to our souls, and his nodding indicated that conversation. He wasn't looking at any of us directly. As I said, just judging from his rolled up eyes, he was in a deep trance. But I felt he was communing with the divinity within each of us. Then after a few minutes of nodding and remaining still, he came out of his meditation and folded his hands and bowed to us with utmost respect and concern. His humility was somehow supernatural, unprecedented.

      I remember another seeker meditation, also at PS 86, in which I was meditating with some other seekers on stage with Guru. Sitting to my right was a businessman, still in his suit and tie and dress socks. He tried to sit in the lotus position, but gave up and just sat Indian style. I felt that he didn't know a lot about meditation or the spiritual life, but that he had tremendous respect for Guru as a spiritual Master. After the formal meditation, Guru reached over to the vase on his stand and pulled out a rose. Then he walked over the businessman and gave him the rose with an incredibly broad and sweet smile. The businessman accepted the flower from Guru with obvious delight.

      How many lives Guru touched with his meditation I will never know.


      His concentration has given him
      What it has: Power.
      With Power he has changed
      The lives of multitudes.
      His meditation has given him
      What it has: Love.
      With Love he has changed
      The face of humanity.
      His contemplation has given him
      What it has: Oneness.
      With his Oneness he has become
      man the lover divine;
      With his Oneness he has become
      God the Beloved Supreme.

      - Sri Chinmoy

      (From "The Dance of Life" part 2)
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