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My Visit To Greece, Part 4

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  • doris.cott
    As I said before Guru s writings had a strong impact on me while I was in Greece. One of the many poems I read told me that for me it was easiest to conquer my
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2012
      As I said before Guru's writings had a strong impact on me while I was in Greece. One of the many poems I read told me that for me it was easiest to conquer my outer enemies, but to conquer my inner enemies would take thousands of years. I knew this was not an accurate prediction, but rather a hint to look inside, trace and try harder to transform them. It is true that in a way I tend to ignore inner hurdles. Who does not prefer the path of least resistance? While I was packing my bags for the city, planning to take the subway, a one-hour ride, I noticed some subtle restlessness growing in some corner of my solar plexus, a faint memory of a phobia from the past, a time long before I became a student of Sri Chinmoy. I was sure Guru had been referring to this inner enemy in his poem. My awareness that for a spiritual master of Guru's calibre my past, present and future are an open book and the faith that I don't depend on myself always gives me courage. I don't know how it works for others but I sat down, closed my eyes and imagined fear as a 'person' inside me. I begged it to come with me and see Guru. When it does not listen I threaten it to drag it before Guru. It's amazing how quickly the 'person' disappears! Another way is to pray for peace.

      Happily I threw everything that was lying around in my half-empty coffer and even happier I accepted a ride offered by my host, Magda, the woman from Serbia who lives in this house. Honestly, who likes subways? The week before we went to the sea using it. As soon as you enter poor people are trying to sell handkerchiefs, combs and what not. Mothers are using their little children to beg for money after poor performances on different instruments, some people are crazy...the list is long. In general people in Athens were open and friendly but calm and restrained – understandably.

      Anyways, I stroke Charlie good-bye, a young, cute cat who had conquered my heart quickly. Naturally he did not understand why I had been scolding him the day he presented me with the remains of a bird probably expecting praise. Now he was sitting near the car looking as if he couldn't harm a fly. Good-bye Charlie. Soon he will jump over hedge and ditch without remembering me.

      We had been driving the way to the city a few times so it didn't seem to be a long ride anymore. Time passed quickly and soon I checked into a simple hotel where Mrittyujoy had been living for many months before he found his own apartment. The owners were still good friends of his and therefore gave me a nice room for a good price (which I found out only later), with a view on a park. The only disadvantage was that it was located at the end of a very long and steep road and pedestrians in Athens are even smaller than in Switzerland. Once I even had to let pass a dog. In a way I missed Phylis right away, the space, the silence, the mountains...but on the other hand the posters were ready to be hanged up for Dipavajan's lecture and a two-hour ride every day? I also wanted to enjoy some new freedom. I had been obedient to my host like a servant to a queen.

      The meditation centre was located in the very heart of the Old City, which is very near to the places where the fortunately signed-in strikes would often take place.

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