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Living Stones

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  • doris.cott
    I am working for two days in an enterprise around the corner. It is our Oneness-World store. We are selling books, statues, gemstones, incense (materials),
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2012
      I am working for two days in an enterprise around the corner. It is our "Oneness-World" store. We are selling books, statues, gemstones, incense (materials), candles, singing bowls etc. I am still familiar with these things as I worked 15 years ago in the same store in Munich, Germany.

      Recently a woman came into the shop and said, "I have a strange question, but I am sure you will not find it strange at all. It is only that my friends and family members don't understand." I put the vacuum cleaner down and said, "There are no strange questions, don't hesitate to ask." I felt her restless energy around me while she was speaking, but it didn't affect me much. She told me that she has always been a balanced person but since she met a particular person she was overwhelmed by her feelings and that she would need advice, precisely, protection. I thought, "O God, Guru, what advice can I give?" But outwardly I said, "Let's sit down." I remembered a question/answer that was once given by Ashrita/Guru. Ashrita had asked Guru how we can best serve others while talking to them. Guru's answer was (and that is very unofficial) that by making oneself calm and quiet inwardly we can best help the other person. So I listened and asked a question there and then. It was obvious that she expected some help from our goods that we are selling. Of course I respected her desire but felt it was my responsibility to also offer her some inner methods of calming emotions the way we are taught by our Master.

      For example Pranayama:

      Then we walked through the store and I asked her if she had something in mind that could help her. I was about to lead her to the Aura-Soma shelf but she said a gemstone perhaps could help her. And now she took this stone and that stone in her hand and in no time found the One. She began to smile and was so happy. It was amazing for me to see and feel how she calmed down only by touching a stone.

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