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All Your Necessities

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  • doris.cott
    Last year around Christmas I remembered some of my old friends in East Germany, I lost contact with. I tried the internet and lo and behold, two of them have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2012
      Last year around Christmas I remembered some of my old friends in East Germany, I lost contact with. I tried the internet and lo and behold, two of them have become successful - one is a well known artist, the other a Germanist. We e-mailed to and fro updating one another of our current life activities.

      Last week I received an e-mail that my friend Kathrin, the Germanist, would be in Zurich for a few days visiting her cousin. Overflowing with joy she said, "For how long have we not met?" I said, "35 years?!" We laughed as this was exeggerated but for me it was as if only a few weeks had passed since our first meeting in Jena, Germany, about thirty years ago.

      She has always been positive and productive, living only a few metres away from my house in a tiny village near Jena. It was never necessary to make appointments, we just met and spent some time in her parent's garden, enjoying the sun and having nice conversations about anything and everything in a typical atmosphere of mothers taking one careful eye on their little children carefree playing together...

      Fast forward...

      A problem arose from inside. If she would come to my current place how would I be able to explain all the pictures of the Master in the house and in my room. The Master had told us that the mind would never understand the inner worlds...and might even misunderstand.

      I know my friend as an Atheist and I began watching meditation videos of Sri Chinmoy's students explaining meditation, having nice talks to myself about spirituality, gave my perhaps best talks on meditation to her in silence (of course without her receiving them). It didn't end...I was worried and a bit frustrated at my defensive attitude.

      The hour struck and the bell rang. I rushed down and opened the door for her. A big hug and words of joy bubbling forth on both sides! I had decided to take her for a walk to my beloved city Rose Garden but she wanted to rest a little and so we walked up the stairs while I inwardly concentrated on Guru asking him to take care of the situation. She looked at the pictures and said, "So, this your master?" "Yes, this is my master" I replied without giving any explanations. She had brought me a little gift and I was simply struck when she handed it over to me...

      On the way to our last Joy Day to Germany, at one point we stopped at a rest house. As usual I like to browse through the goods in the store just for entertainment with no intention to buy anything. I never leave out the toy section to play a little with the dolls. This time it was a store that sold all kinds of items in country style which I really liked. I carefully took a winter-white ceramic can with a wooden top from the shelf that was decorated with bundles of beautiful lavender and even more carefully I placed it back telling myself, that it is a useless thing that nobody really needs, it was expensive too...

      From the depth of her bag Kathrin brought the described ceramic can to the fore. Mouth open I thanked her and told her about my experience at the auto rest. We smiled, what could she say? But I knew now for sure Guru would take care of everything. This is how I read the message.

      I had been praying for a job that He would like me to do as it seems that the door to my own business is not yet open. (Whoever is interested can view my homepage here: http://www.feather-light.ch/)

      While we walked up the many stairs to the Rose Garden she told me about her business. I was in awe! She is an autobiographer writing biographies for old people, putting them into a book for their families as a special gift. She says, especially grandchildren would be very open and grateful for such a precious gift. What I like most is the process of how she and her team is writing them. She is visiting the people in their own homes and they tell her their life stories. She showed me a few books with beautiful pictures included - it was a joy to see how human beings, not necessarily "great" personalities, getting their lives recorded and preserved in such heartfelt way. I will definitely help her to get arrands in Switzerland. :-)

      It was a short but nice meeting. We went to a nearby vegetarin restaurant for dinner but nothing did I have to explain about my spiritual life, it was silently tolerated though I could easily read her mind's questions. Soon we had to part and the day ended with a group meditation in our house but like never before I felt the power of my earthly roots in one name: Kathrin.

      Tears of gratitude were silently flowing in a room, in a country where I often feel a heaviness in the consciousness of people and not being integrated which I cannot account for, but with lots of hope.

      "My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!
      Do direct my aspiration-heart
      And dedication-life
      Towards all Your Necessities
      At every moment of my life.
      My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme."

      -Sri Chinmoy

      * * *

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