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Re: Sari for all the trouble (very OT)

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  • purnakama2000
    Hi Brahmata, It s been a long time since I visited the site, but I couldn t help but share the story of the first time I wore a sari. I had been going to
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      Hi Brahmata,

      It's been a long time since I visited the site, but I couldn't help but share the story of the first time I wore a sari.

      I had been going to follow up classes at the center and enjoying them very much. I was having some quite nice meditations, so I decided to take the plunge and join the center.
      I was told that we would wear saris and that the girls would help me to learn how to put them on. I really liked this idea.

      I arrived for my first regular meditation at the center and I was very eager and excited to join the regular group. Unfortunately for whatever reason the girls at the time didn't realise that I was coming and were not prepared with sari, slip or blouse so I was told that for that week I could meditate in my regular clothes. I was grateful to be allowed to meditate without the proper attire, so I sat in a chair close to the back and joined in the meditation.

      It was a very strange experience that night because after having had some nice experiences in the follow ups, I assumed that this would be the same. But I was wrong. I sat there like a stone trying to meditate, and nothing. I watched everyone else who seemed to be tuned into the meditation, and I just sat there wondering when this would be over.
      Hum de dum de dum, time passed very slowly and finally it was over and I was able to escape. On my walk back home I had convinced myself that I would not go back. I had tried, but it just didn't work for me. Oh well.

      But something kept nagging at me all week, pushing me to go just one more time. My mind tried to push it away, but finally it relented and said "Fine.One more time. But if it's like last time, we're outta there."

      So once again I showed up, and this time the girls were prepared and presented me with a lovely flowered sari in colours that absolutely suited me. They showed me how to put it on, and I felt transformed. There was something about the beautiful flowing cloth that made me feel special. Also everyone was oohing and ahhing and making a lovely fuss which also helped add to that special feeling.

      The time came for meditation, and I was a little leary because of the previous week's experience, but I decided to be open to whatever was to be.
      Almost instantly a meditation captured me. A meditation like I'd had never had before and to be honest,have never had since. My mind completely disappeared, and I was in a beautiful blissful world. So much so that after the meditation, I couldn't speak. I just quietly changed out of my beautiful sari, and walked home in complete silence. That beautiful feeling continued throughout most of the next day.

      I realise of course that that experience was Guru saying "Hello and Welcome." but I always associate that incredible experience with the first time ever wearing a sari, and how beautiful it made me feel, inside and out, and that somehow wearing the sari changed my meditation experience.

      I am still not an expert sari draper by any means, but I do love the beauty of them when I wear them.

      Yours in sari oneness,

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