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Once Upon A Marathon- revised version

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  • arpan_deangelo
    Yesterday a sent this poem in a post I was inspired to write as we observe Guru s first two marathon anniversaries in March. After reading it over and over I
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      Yesterday a sent this poem in a post I was inspired to write as we observe Guru's first two marathon anniversaries in March. After reading it over and over I felt it needed some changes so I added some lines and changed a few more.

      I feel this improved version flows much better and offers a little more feeling into what is quite difficult to describe in words: Sri Chinmoy's endless efforts and personal self-transcendence to inspire and uplift humanity.

      Even though long distance running was only one aspect of his multi-faceted life and one of many manifestations of the Truths that he realised and shared with us, it is a very powerful, dynamic and meaningful manifestation that most of us shall never forget.

      I feel that I can express my own appreciation of his running blessings not only by running and challenging myself as he did, but also by expressing myself through simple poetry, which he also encouraged us to do through his own prolific output of poems.

      It would be nice to see others share their poetry with us here as we also do so in the Panorama poetry books. As a reminder the next volume of Panorama will come out in April so the deadline is basically now, although you may have a day or two left if you contact Prabhakar.

      Without further ado, whether you read the other version of this poem or not, here is my offering and appreciation for our Guru's marathon efforts.

      Once Upon A Marathon by Arpan DeAngelo

      A barefoot runner,
      Sleek and lithe,
      A body full of light,
      Sprints past the field
      And courageously breaks the tape,
      An often repeated sight.

      Years go by,
      Another home
      In a foreign land,
      With burdens frequent and intense,
      He trains his aging body
      For a brand new role:
      To run longer and longer,
      Never losing his focus
      On his ever-increasing goal.

      At the age of forty seven
      With a strong and steady pace,
      He successfully completes
      His first Marathon race.

      Never satisfied with yesterday's achievements,
      And with Self-Transcendence
      As his Mantra,
      Only three short weeks later
      He smashes his first Marathon time,
      By almost 35 minutes,
      Breaking the heralded
      Four hour barrier.

      By the year's end
      He completed seven full
      Marathon races,
      Mingled among his
      Incredibly busy life activities
      Of service to the world
      And spreading peace to many places.

      The next year he ran two Marathons,
      The year after he ran three.
      Courageously he managed six full Marathons
      In his fourth year of climbing
      The `Marathon-Tree'.

      Four more Marathons
      Rounded out his Marathon running journey,
      In his last year of pushing his body
      Along the Marathon `highway'.

      Although he had run
      Some races longer,
      And many, many races
      Shorter and faster,
      Steadier and stronger,
      The Marathon was his special love
      Always blessed with Grace from Above.

      His efforts strengthen our resolve,
      As his words echo in our hearts:
      "O Marathon runner,
      God the Smiler-Winner."

      And now we can run for him,
      And he can run through us,
      As we feel his Love for us,
      His Love for God,
      And his Love for running,
      Which will live on and on,
      Especially in the Marathon.
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