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Recollections on Sri Chinmoy: A seeker's perspective

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  • mahiruha_27
    Dear All, In late December of 2007, I was employed at Pole-Vision-Life-Strength Health Foods on Union Turnpike. I worked at the cash register and also did
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2012
      Dear All,

      In late December of 2007, I was employed at Pole-Vision-Life-Strength Health Foods on Union Turnpike. I worked at the cash register and also did some stocking. Once I was working at the register with another employee when this middle-aged Black man entered the store.

      He bought some ginger beers and chewy k-rations (sorry, that's my name for the ultra-salty and tough shoe-leather snack that's supposed to be imitation beef jerky). After he paid, he told us that he used to attend the Master's public meditation functions at Hillcrest high school in Jamaica.

      He described how Guru's eyes used to go back and forth at lightning speed. As he was describing Guru's eye movements he just bubbled over with excitement.

      "He was the most fantastic soul on the planet!" he concluded, before walking out.

      My friend and I just looked at each other.

      Just how many lives did Guru touch? Who knows what kinds of inner experiences people got from Guru?

      I think Guru said once that some people who maybe only saw Guru once make faster progress than even his long-time students do, because they treasure what they got from Guru. They remember their experiences.

      For example:


      From the moment I met Sri Chinmoy, I felt certain that I wanted to be his disciple. My Centre leader, however, felt that it might be good for me to meditate with him a few times, as a seeker, before making a commitment to his path.

      As a seeker, I had the opportunity to meditate with Sri Chinmoy every Friday, at the public meditations at PS 86. I would go up on stage with the other seekers and sit in front of the Master, not even four feet away, and meditate. To be more precise, I would just look at Sri Chinmoy's face as he entered into a higher consciousness. It's a little difficult to describe in words, but when he meditated, his whole face radiated the calm, tranquil and innocent joy of a little child. I mean, his eyes would be flickering and moving from side to side at tremendous speed, and the most distant smile would play upon his lips. The joy that he radiated was something of the most incredible purity and beauty. When I saw him meditating, I felt that I was in the immediate presence of the Divine.

      Also, the whole consciousness of the hall would change dramatically. I mean PS 86 is a public elementary school in a pretty rough neighborhood in Queens. But after the Friday night meditations, the whole room became a sacred temple, full of purity and sweetness and peace. I will never forget those meditations. I am happy that I did not become a student of his immediately, as that gave me an opportunity to sit close to him and to observe him in deep trance. That was the privilege of a lifetime.

      "A true spiritual Master must shoulder
      The countless responsibilities
      Of his spiritual family.
      But still he remains
      In a childlike consciousness
      To fill his seeker-children
      With the joy and delight
      Of God the eternal Child.

      Sri Chinmoy Ten Thousand Flower Flames
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