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E Jibane Khani

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  • kamalakanta47
    Hi, all! Two days ago, I took one of Sri CHinmnoy s songbooks to work... Pole-Star Promise-Light, Part 2 ...to get some inspiration while working.... And as I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2011
      Hi, all!

      Two days ago, I took one of Sri CHinmnoy's songbooks to work..."Pole-Star Promise-Light, Part 2"...to get some inspiration while working....

      And as I was singing, I came accross a beautiful song that I had sung before, but had forgotten about it. It is titled E Jiban Khani, and it is song #27 in that book.

      The song had a powerful impact on me...I kept singing it all day, as I wanted to learn it....and in the evening, I attempted to do an arrangement with it....half an hour of work, and nothing was coming out alright.

      Then, a break to go to the celebration of the 11th Anniversary of Maral's "Newness-Brightness-Happiness-Fulness"- we sang the song composed by Sri Chinmoy for this enterprise, and then had prasad.

      When I came home, the music was flowing! So I did the arrangement, and then decided to record my voice.

      Here is the translation to the song, along with links to the score and to the download page, in case you want to have it.

      I cannot remember the last time that I did a arrangement in this "traditional" Western style...a single melody, with harmony accompaniment....


      E Jiban Khani
      E jiban khani tomare sampite 
Bahubar ami cheyechhi 
Paini tomar darashan priya 
Byetha duhsaha barechhi
      Many a time I have tried
To offer my life to You.

      Alas, I have failed to do so;

      Therefore, excruciating pangs
Are torturing my heart.

      All in vain I try to please You,

      To surrender my existence to You,

      To You alone.

      Pole-Star Promise-Light, Part 2    [song #27] (unofficial)


      Download Link: (Note- when you go to the download page, click only on the button above the word "share"; this button says "Click here to start download from sendspace". The other buttons that say "download" are advertisements.
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