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"Meditation"- arrangement....what else?

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  • kamalakanta47
    Hi, everyone! One of my main discoveries, if it may be called that, in my late teens, is that I am more eloquent with music than with words. The reason might
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2011
      Hi, everyone!

      One of my main discoveries, if it may be called that, in my late teens, is that I am more eloquent with music than with words. The reason might be my unending need to seek within; to journey within myself to find the landscapes of my heart; my inner Self.

      God gave me the love of music, and also the inner aspiration to seek for the Fountain of Truth and Light. And to me, somehow, music seemed to always guide me in that direction.

      Sri Chinmoy's songs are the greatest treasure in my life; I claim them as my own. When I say this, some people might say, "How dare he?", but let me explain.....I claim Sri Chinmoy himself as my own. He is both my spiritual Father, because he sparked in me the inner flame of aspiration with the Light of his meditation, and my Friend, my eternal Friend as well, because the good will, the inner Love he has for my soul, is deathless, and transcends the boundaries of time and space...no matter where I go, that Love is always with me, forever.

      His music I claim, the same way I claim the Truth that manifests itself through him. From the moment I saw him for the first time, I loved his inner Light; it overwhelmed me and flooded me with its purity.

      And from the moment I heard his music, I loved it as well...his music is, according to him, not secondary to his meditation, which means it is flooded with this inner Light, Peace and Bliss that flow from the depths of his inmost soul.

      Now, if there is a Truth, and I feel there is, then this Truth has to be all-pervading; it has to be everywhere. We live in this "Universe" (one truth)...

      When Sri Chinmoy meditated, he glowed with the light of this inner sun, this "Truth". And he, like other Masters before him, proclaimed that this Truth lived inside everyone (remember- "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you"....).

      So his music I claim as my own. I do not need to "compose" my own melodies, because my Teacher, Sri Chinmoy, composed over 20,000 songs!

      To make a long story short, I love to play with his music, and I love the way his music plays with me. I feel his music gives me Light; it feeds my inner being.

      Recently I was looking for a title for a new arrangement. Sometimes, even before I start playing, I will look for an idea, or a spiritual quality that will guide me among Sri Chinmoy's songs.

      The title I chose this time is "meditation". So I went to the Sri Chinmoy songs site (http://www.srichinmoysongs.com/) and looked up songs that had the word "meditation" in their meaning or translation. Finally, I chose 3 songs. By this time some musical ideas had started to come and take shape, and the result is an arrangement that is both peaceful and dynamic, expansive and forward-moving....I hope you like it. Here are the 3 songs:

      Liberation is my life, liberation is my only meditation-peace. When my liberation dawns in the near or distant future, I shall discover God-Light in all the human beings in God's entire creation.

      To see God the Light, To feel God the Light, To become God the Light, This is the only goal of my meditation.

      My nature's transformation is my constant meditation.

      Here is the download link:


      When you go to the download page, please choose "Regular Download". It is free.

      with gratitude,

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