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Father's Day in New York

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  • abanna27
    Hello everybody. I am just back from Father s Day weekend in New York. What a wonderful time to visit. The summer was gentle, with temperatures in the 80 s and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 23, 2011
      Hello everybody. I am just back from Father's Day weekend in New York. What a wonderful time to visit. The summer was gentle, with temperatures in the 80's and a soft breeze. Aspiration-Ground is lush with greenery and fragrant with flowers. Early morning meditations were hosted by a special group of "locals" - the cardinals, robins, catbirds, and sparrows. One morning, a squirrel scaled a decorative spire to survey the scene from the stage.

      The 3100-mile race had entered its second week, with the runners showing dedication, strength and good cheer. The race seems to subtly permeate the whole area, not just the course. I felt a great sense of peace in its constancy as the runners circle their ½ mile course over and over and over from 6am to midnight, day after day. Kind of like a giant, slowly-turning aspiration-wheel, whose energy radiates outward like a spiral galaxy as it spins.

      There was a dynamic contrast on Saturday, when the fast-paced 2-mile race was held just across the street, perhaps 50 feet away from the 3100 race. On Sunday, the 26.2 mile Father's Day Marathon was held just across the street from the 3100. You could really feel the self-offering of the marathon runners, some of whom started at 4:30am to finish before other commitments. For the 3100 runners, it was Day 9 and four of them would go on to break 600 miles cumulative that day.

      On Father's Day, there was a special function at Aspiration-Ground. There were flower and incense offerings, performances by the Sri Chinmoy Bhajan Singers and many other performers, aloo pie prasad, Chittagong Chai Hut, a special family meal, a miniature Jharna-Kala "fair" and a walk-past Guru's house.

      Two new books became available: "Mother Teresa: Humanity's Flower-Heart, Divinity's Fragrance-Soul" and "When I Remember God's Smiles." The Mother Teresa book is "A Compilation of Excerpts in Honour of Mother Teresa's Birth Centenary by Sri Chinmoy." "When I Remember God's Smiles" is a book of 216 poems written over a span of many years. From the preface: "Illumining, inspiring, and ever-charming, these poems will be especially cherished, as it is anticipated that this will be the last volume of previously unpublished poetry by Sri Chinmoy."

      Your Spiritual Sister,
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