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Dreams- with Sri Chinmoy's music

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  • kamalakanta47
    Hi! Ever since I joined Sri Chinmoy s Path, I fell in love with his music. It was August of 1978, and the cassette Sri Chinmoy Sings, Vol. 7 , with the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2011

      Ever since I joined Sri Chinmoy's Path, I fell in love with his music. It was August of 1978, and the cassette "Sri Chinmoy Sings, Vol. 7", with the accompanying book, "Bela Chale Jai", had just been released. I bought it eagerly. It was my delight to get home from music school, turn on the cassette player, and sing along with my Guru.

      As a lover of western Classical Music, I dream of Sri Chinmoy's music being performed by Classical Music orchestras. There is something magical, for me, in the symphonic orchestra. It is such a powerful musical instrument, with a wide spectrum of musical colors! A great palette for musical expression, subtle or powerful, lyrical or forceful.

      Because of this dream, sometimes, when I am doing music, it comes in orchestral form. This arrangement that I am sharing with you is very recent; I completed it two days ago. It combines two songs which are dear to my heart; Bhuler Anta Nai and Eso Eso Prabhu.

      Here is the meaning of the two songs:

      Bhuler Anta Nai

      Bhuler anta nai je amar
Bhuler anta nai
Mithya dainya kuruper glani 

      Sabiy je ami chai
Asim kripai tabu tumi more
Nirabadhi basa bhalo 

      Hutashan jwele antare mor 

      Tumiy ghuchabe kalo

      There is no end to my mistakes,
No end to falsehood,

      Destitute in darkness and disgrace

      I am totally lost.

      Yet Your boundless Compassion 
still loves me.

      It burns the flame of aspiration

      And wants to illumine my agelong darkness.

      Pole-Star Promise-Light, Part 4    [song #20]

      Eso Eso Prabhu

      Eso eso prabhu hridaya majhare

      Barek dekhati dao
Hriday maner praner deher
Malinata niye jao

      O Lord Supreme,

      Do come and enter into my heart.
Only once appear before me.
Do take away the impurities
Of my body, vital, mind and heart.

      One Thousand Lotus Petals -- Part 1    [song #17] 
Eso Eso Prabhu, Part 1    [song #87]

      This arrangement is peaceful and mantric; the music blossoms as it goes long. I hope you like it. Here is the download link:


      When you click on the download link, please choose "regular download". It is free!

      with gratitude, Kamalakanta
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