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Re: Inspiring Quotes By Kalatit

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  • doris.cott
    Thank you, Brahmata, for your kind words. As you and others also may have enjoyed the aphorisms by Kalatit I may not withhold the rest of them. I am sure he
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      Thank you, Brahmata, for your kind words. As you and others also may have enjoyed the aphorisms by Kalatit I may not withhold the rest of them. I am sure he will only feel complimented by your heartfelt response.

      1.) Due to taxes, miscalculations and rent, an oath of poverty I took, though this was not my intent.

      3.) Both genius and dullness have treachery, slightly above average may be the best thing to be.

      4.) Whether poor or bedecked with jewels, survival rules.

      5.) Anger is a good way to see your own stupidity.

      7.) Happy with God we may never be until He fulfills every fantasy.

      8.) In life there is no greater curse than to view every action in terms of self-worth.

      9.) If your achievements are sub-par they will be criticized and if exceptional proclaimed as plagiarized.

      11) We seem compelled to seek new relations knowing fully well they bring new complications.

      12.) The best way to exit this place: To leave a great impact without leaving a trace.

      13.) Life is a play in which everyone acts, getting lost in the drama and losing sight of their craft.

      14.) To be liberal or conservative to an extreme degree makes you vulnerable to hypocrisy.

      15.) Judgment will come when the job is through for now is our task to begin and do.

      17.) If Jesus comes back it would certainly be best if he were born in the American South or Midwest.

      18.) We know we need God to give life direction but must remind yourself of Him if only to miss Him.

      22.) That our dear ones will leave us we cannot avoid though nothing can prepare us for when they take our joy.

      25.)That peace will never come we will not be free to tell until the same effort on peace as on war is expelled.

      26.) Whether totalitarian or quote unquote free if they want to arrest you they can do it easily.

      28.) When our time has come our soul will decide until then our only job is to fight for life.

      29.) Conscience describes the consequences that will ensue for any action that is pursued. If you ignore your conscience and its warnings come true, how can you say you never knew?

      30.) God's creation is there for us to adore but for our progress we must do something more.

      31.) Those who insist they have had no bad dreaming, have never been involved in a legal proceeding.

      32.) The appetite for pleasure yields only lost treasure.

      33.) While easy to criticize religious creeds, it is faith that is important and not particular beliefs.

      35.) Each day we must get up and do what must be done, and if progress is our aim then only goodness will come.

      36.) To change your life and begin anew yourself must be the first thing you move.

      37.) While around you all may be dropping life shows no signs of stopping.

      38.) Surely a condition sublime: To have more inspiration than time.

      40.) We change the world to benefit ourselves but only God can change anything without upsetting something else.


      42.) Some things there are that man cannot prevent such as lightning which God likes despite its consequence.

      43.) The brain must be full to avoid collapse but the heart can be empty and joyfully last.

      48.) The most challenging occupation is this: To do more than merely exist.

      52.) Pride is the thing that may inspire the task but pride dislikes effort and loses interest fast.

      53.) If the rest of the world only God obey I would certainly be wealthy without working a day.


      55.) Society grants authority but soon does find that those they empower become callous and unkind.

      56.) Whether good, better, or best, every choice will be by someone second guessed.

      57.) Religion wants to prohibit what it does not understand, but God has made all knowledge the birthright of man.

      59.) Whatever life has in store it has never been easy to be poor.

      61.) No army the peace has ever won for no harm to any, if for peace, can come.

      62.) A mixed blessing; living alone the days are all yours but the nights are all long.

      63.) Money can make things happen overnight, willpower can take longer but results in what's right.

      65.) Though energies are spent to become a success, to make a difference in the end will prove to be best.

      67.) The quickest way to gain the world's attention is with great wealth; also the greatest pretension.

      75.) The young are filled with spontaneous delight, where does that joy go later in life?

      77.) Granted, youthful energy goes in good and bad ways, but when wisdom later dawns why does life force go away?

      80.) Try not to get excited when at last you are paid, for money is a problem that never goes away.

      82.) Climb life's mountain, there's every chance you'll slip and fall. Do not climb life's mountain, there's no point to life at all.

      84.) Any brute can conquer militarily but only goodness will rule peacefully.

      85.) One sure sign the devil's in the deed, the devil will always easily succeed.

      87.) Pride may seem conquered until the slightest slight reveals that pride was sleeping and now awakened will firmly bite.

      88.) Our potential, we say is limited and our fate, tightly sealed, but our soul contains more than can ever be revealed.

      89.) Life and death appear here the norm, but life only sometimes needs this physical form.

      90.) While your life force may not be enough this world to shake, it is powerful enough for yourself to awake.

      92.) Know that your soul will survive as long as God stays alive.

      94.) Things temporarily arranged become permanent in a matter of days.

      97.) Things you may aspire to buy are less valuable than things you attempt to try.

      99.) Faith by definition is not by logic attained which is why it is impossible by argument to change.

      100.) Two may believe they speak privately but criticism will join them immediately.


      Now, this was really much to type down but it was nothing.


      * * *
    • purnakama2000
      Thank you Doris. I especially love #8. Purnakama
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        Thank you Doris.

        I especially love #8.

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