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I Knew The Answer - a poem by me

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  • cott.doris
    One day, many years ago, my son who was then 14 years old asked me: Mom, why do they call some human beings beautiful and some ugly? I looked at him and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2010
      One day, many years ago, my son who was then 14 years old asked me: "Mom, why do they call some human beings beautiful and some ugly?" I looked at him and didn't know what to answer, but I thought this was a spiritual question because he was unable to differentiate between the two attributes. Then we had a long conversation. I myself had asked this questions inwardly many times before.

      In the past I saw ugliness in some animals God has created. But I thought it was not right to think this way and tried to see beauty in them convincing my mind that they were absolutely unique and perfect.

      During the third anniversary of Guru's Mahasamadhi a praying mantis appeared out of nowhere at Aspiration-Ground. I really don't want to scare anybody or even get the "Unappetitlich-Award" again but rather want to share an illumining story...

      She was a cricket like animal I had not seen before in real life and was sitting on the backrest of a bench where the paper strings were placed to be taken out of a box for decoration. I stared at her and felt some goosebumps on my skin. A woman who had also noticed her confidently approached her and placed her on her hand. Fotografers appeared out of the blue from allwhere and took pictures including myself as the praying mantis seemed to be very tame and even humanlike by cheerfully and enthusiastically crawling over the woman's hand and around.

      Encouraged by her example and as she reassured me that the praying mantis was a harmless creature I thought this was the time to overcome a kind of aversion and carefully stretched my hand out for the praying mantis to crawl on it.

      If I could tell you how cheerful this little creature behaved nodding with her small head being absolutely happy to be with us! In fact she made us happy for a while as well.

      Back home I remembered my son's question and while sitting in front of my shrine instead of meditating I found myself silently conversing with Guru about different incidents and asked him for clarity. Many quotes, stories and plays by him came to my mind but I didn't know how to combine them so I could possibly write about what I felt.

      I only remember that it made a kind of "click" and the following poem was there.

      Perhaps it was not a coincidence that I found in our center library a little simple booklet called "Veritas and Fairy-Dust" a collection of quotes by Kalatit on the occasion of his 52th birthday in 2004 written for Guru.

      I could relate to many of the 100 quotes (that I may retype later) but here is one that made me smile as I remembered a harvest man that crawled along my trousers the day we held the marathon in New York in August. I had been sad that I was still unable to run myself but this little animal (it was quite an American huge one :- ))consoled me to be patient, though I shrieked a little at his sight.

      "Patience with insects?
      We haven't any.
      But God must like them
      For He made so many."

      -Kalatit (unofficial)

      * * *

      I Knew The Answer

      You have created
      So many beautiful flowers,
      But some of them
      Are looking so peculiar!

      "My child,
      God's Dictionary
      Does not house the word
      It is all man-made."

      So true, Father!
      I like them all,
      But some have no fragrance
      While others
      Smell like honey.

      You told me that
      Choosers are losers,
      But beautiful flowers
      Are often picked
      While others
      Are ignored or even stepped on.
      Aren't both acts harmful?

      Please, tell me the answer...
      Sometimes I feel
      My questions are brave,
      Sometimes I feel
      They are stupid.

      "My dearest child,
      Your questions amuse Me-
      It is your human way
      Of thinking-
      But I am telling you-
      Some experiences are necessary
      While others are not,
      Never compare.

      The Creator is one
      With all of His Creation.
      It is His Creation
      That must become one
      With the Creator."

      I knew the answer...
      But I promise
      I will try harder
      To ask You only
      Spiritual questions
      In the future.

      October 19, 2010

      * * *

      My heart's sweeter-
      The sweetest
      With God
      Is most luminous
      and most precious."

      -Sri Chinmoy
      From: Today, October 19 (unofficial)
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