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Re: Addition to Mahasamadhi Anniversary in New York

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  • arpan_deangelo
    Doris and others who may have read her post, That is a very inspiring story to me because I was postering for the New Year s Meditation Concerts and setting up
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      Doris and others who may have read her post,

      That is a very inspiring story to me because I was postering for the New Year's Meditation Concerts and setting up the decorations for Guru's concerts for many years back then and I know that this church was always filled for Guru. I think Guru liked it a lot and he definitely performed here more than once. I would like to find out actually how many times he performed here but I think it was 3 or 4 times. If I recall he even played the big, powerful organ there. I will find out if there is a recording of that.

      I am not sure if many people know about or understand this new format of concert presentations that we started here in NY. It was mainly Aparajita's idea to offer a Peace Concert with Guru as the main performer in a similar format to what Guru used to do in person. We offered the first one at Flushing Town Hall in Queens in July of this year. It was a small audience but everyone seemed to get the idea and had similar experiences, especially the disciples.

      The main concert is performances by Guru on a very large video screen with a good sound system. Usually they are all performances from one concert so the setting and the consciousness, Guru's dress, etc. does not change. Only select performances are presented on an edited video and not the whole concert. Between some of Guru's performances singers come up in front of the screen and sing some of Guru's songs live, just as we did during the real concerts. If you want to know more about the format and even get a DVD, posters, etc. to set one up then contact Aparajita privately.

      This is very popular with disciples attending and was well received by the public, more than I thought it would. It is a very powerful and effective way to offer the public Guru and his music at the same time. It is more like a meditation concert than meditation with spiritual entertainment such as if our musicians and singers presented their own renditions of Guru's music, which of course has its own unmistakable value as well.

      But this new type of 'Peace Concert', of which we have only done two so far, is a different approach which offers them a more direct experience of Guru himself and how he performed his own music. Some of Guru's live performances are also included in the `Songs of the Soul Concerts' which very effectively combines the two approaches.

      So I think you get the idea and obviously you felt and understood it inwardly before you even experienced it. You probably felt the same enthusiasm and joy as you handed out the flyers that you felt when you were bringing people in to actually see Guru perform live.
      This is the feeling some of us have been getting with these concerts as we poster, flyer, or set them up and even perform in them. It is an amazing phenomena which only Guru can offer us from the inner worlds and with our own soulful aspiration and receptivity.

      I do hope many more get the opportunity to have that experience in the future.

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