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Re: His Sweet Arrival

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  • cott.doris
    Dear Sharani, It was a surprise meeting you in the stationary in Queens. I am sorry I was not in a talking mood. Perhaps I should have tried harder to swing
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      Dear Sharani,

      It was a surprise meeting you in the stationary in Queens. I am sorry I was not in a talking mood. Perhaps I should have tried harder to swing with your tangible cheerfulness.

      The last two years I was not able to attend the observances of Guru's Mahasamadhi. This year I tried and it is still unbelievable how easy Guru made it for us to feel his inner presence.

      It was very nice to be there a few days earlier so I was able to help prepare Aspiration-Ground for the following days to come. I swept autumn leaves, washed lanterns and candle glasses and 'restored' candles to be placed into them that went on stage near Guru's Feet. So fulfilling tasks! There were moments I felt how privileged I was to serve the Master in this special way and pondered whether I would ever remember it in future incarnations.

      The local disciples entertained us during the evening functions with stories about Guru. Databir, Chidananda, Arpan, Mahatapa and Snehashila knew how to tell us touching incidents. I wish they would be inspired to retell them here if possible.

      Even a play I had not heard before about was performed excellently! As I realize more and more how little I know about English I spare you any description of it. Perhaps somebody else if not Nallini herself who is an excellent actress would be inspired to do so.

      You made me curious about the "saga of the monarch" as I photographed one at Aspiration-Ground. The first time I saw him he fluttered across all Aspiration-Ground nipping here and there not paying any attention to the fragrant jasmine. Then he disappeared beyond the temple. It seemed as if he wanted to say, "Nice here but nectar I find everywhere." I was surprised when he came back and stayed a little while with us.

      I reread old posts about the praying mantis as one of those funny looking creatures also payed us a surprise visit while we were helping to hang up the yearly white heavenly paper strings that gave Aspiration-Ground an even softer touch remembering the ocean of white and pink flowers that turned the Ground into a beautiful garden.

      Still there were moments I wished to see nothing but the white wall, Guru sitting in front of it on a simple chair wearing a red dhoti and talk to guests about spirituality (1991) or writing poems on a slate adjusted to a green fence we used to stand close to while Guru prepared for leaving after a long warm August night function.

      I have been to New York many times but I have not been on the Ground too often as I rarely performed in a music group or play troupe. So, for me to step on the sand of Aspiration-Ground was and still is a very, very holy act. I never became used to it so I enjoyed it very much to stand for a long time very close to Guru's Samadhi where dark green ivy was crawling all over - just holding paper strings. But inwardly I knelled down and outwardly I silently wept. I wish it would have never ended. Then the praying mantis appeared out of nowhere...and hopped onto a woman's head.

      Guru knows how to cheer us up when we become too sad. He comes to us in ways we like. (In August it was the little cute bird that appeared from the bush beneath his transcendental picture and hopped on my sari! Believe it or not, it made me finally happy as it was for the last time we passed by Guru's Temple and then had to return 'home').

      Slowly I can open up a little zoo of harvest men (patience), sparrow families (secrecy), praying mantis (?), monarchs (prosperity?), deer (speed), crickets (illumination)... I may not forget the little tame squirrel (service) that seemed to play hide and seek with himself running from bush to bush at Aspiration-Ground carrying empty acorn shells in his mouth making you feel he owned quite a treasure.

      Like you and many, many others felt I was grateful to have the opportunity to offer a flower, candle and incense to Guru placing them at His Feet, although I was able to go only two times.

      "Your heart's cry
      Is a real treasure.
      Your heart's cry
      Flies like an eagle
      To reach the highest goal
      of your purest soul."

      -Sri Chinmoy
      From: The Wings of Joy

      "When I soulfully meditate
      I see a golden lake
      Of God's Love-Beauty
      Inside my heart."

      -Sri Chinmoy
      From: Every Day God Blesses Me

      * * *

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