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Update on New York Activities

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  • arpan_deangelo
    It has been a while since I posted here. I am sure others who want to post more often also have similar excuses, but really there is no good excuse not to post
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 19, 2010
      It has been a while since I posted here. I am sure others who want to post more often also have similar excuses, but really there is no good excuse not to post at least once in a while. If one has the inspiration to do so then we can find the time.

      Lately, after August Celebrations, in the month of September that is, we have had a number of inspiring public events in addition to our own functions, plays, classes, etc.

      Last weekend we held our second annual Self-Transcendence Swim-Run race in a beautiful state park about 60 miles upstate from the City. There were 41 competitors and lots of helpers as well for this 1 KM swim followed by a 10 KM run. It was cloudy and a bit chilly but it did not rain until after the whole day of events was over and we were all cleaned up.

      We had a nice picnic after the race and some people attempted to play a few games, but because of the weather most people headed back home. It was a great way to get out of the City for the day and to mix with others in a dynamic and fun event. We hope to do more simple races like this in the future.

      A few evenings ago, on Friday, we held a public concert at Judson Memorial Church across from Washington Square Park right near the venue that we had the Songs of the Soul Concert in August. It is a very busy and dynamic area and some very nice people came to the concert of Sri Chinmoy's music performed by disciples. This is the first event in a series of lectures and classes to follow for the next month or so.

      We are also started a new series of classes in Queens nearby at our Oneness-Heart Centre. We do hope that some of the visitors who come in October will be able to meet some of the new disciples and seekers and spend some time with them. We will keep you informed of our schedule for those who come and are interested in meeting some very inspiring and aspiring people from the local area.

      I made a slideshow video of the Swim-Run and a few people made video movies of the event as well. You may want to see it when you come here and we can make some copies for you to show at your Centres as well.

      There always seems to be lots of energy and enthusiasm during and after Celebrations due to all the talent, aspiration and energy that all the visitors from around the world bring and share with us. We are so grateful whenever others come to share their own achievements and talents to manifest the endless spiritual energy and love that emanates from our Guru's consciousness as strongly as ever.

      I am sure the October events will be very uplifting even though at times it may seem like a quiet and somber moment in a very important time of year. Sharing the depth and soulfulness of such an auspicious weekend will be helpful to us all as we try to fathom both the incredible life and the passing of our great Guru, Spiritual Father and Friend.
    • cott.doris
      Dear Arpan, Thank you so much for your kind words and update of your activities. In his book America The Beautiful which was sold last year Guru says that
      Message 2 of 4 , Sep 22, 2010
        Dear Arpan,

        Thank you so much for your kind words and update of your activities.

        In his book "America The Beautiful" which was sold last year Guru says that New York is the capital of the world (unofficial). It gave me great joy to read that.

        Although in Switzerland we had and have a lot of activities lately we are always inspired by our brothers and sisters in New York. The world looks at you because New York is the place where Guru resided for so many years and you were so many years with him.

        In the past the Inspiration-Group was a great source of inspiring news, stories and experiences.

        We Europeans may struggle with language issues and so do not post too often. Others are brave and I hope my English has improved a little over time. But it does not mean that people are not reading. In Switzerland we are at least thirteen people alone who are reading posts from the Inspiration-Group.

        If someone is of the opinion that some are very active on this site it must not necessarily mean to criticize it only shows that they expect posts from others. The message came from Moscow. Disciples from Australia, India, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Russia and Switzerland gave me positive feedback of writing here.

        But not only disciples of Sri Chinmoy are visiting this site for inspiration, there are many more people who are seeking positive energy for their lives and also want to share their fruits.

        Guru created this page and as far as I know he encouraged people to post. If we could only fulfill his desire and bring this site to new life. This is my birthday wish for this year!

        I am not only thinking of our brilliant writers but of everybody who feels he/she would like to say something from his or her heart. And I wish many would interact and reply to each other without feeling intimidated.

        Often we may make mistakes or have unfortunate experiences but it is Guru's philosophy to stand up immediately and go forward. He always forgave us for our unconscious blunders because he knows what our standards are. So we may also forgive each other as quickly as we can.

        An image came to my mind as I was riding through beautiful landscape with lots of sun-flower fields, corn fields but also barren places where nothing or only a few plants were growing:

        Our path is like a huge garden and inside this garden there are other gardens. The Inspiration Group is one of those gardens. If there are only a few flowers growing it does not mean that we must neglect those few flowers and let the garden starve.

        This image inspired me to write a short story that I may offer as a birthday gift when it is finished.

        Thank you again, Arpan, for your encouraging words.


        P.S. A center member received some news from New York via SMS. Deeply inspired he spread the message in our center that a politician at a memorial event of the sad happenings in September 2001 in New York quoted one of Guru's poems on hope.

        I searched youtube from up to down to find the video clip but tired from viewing sad pictures repeatedly I gave up. But I did find an inspiring website by a woman who quoted Sri Chinmoy's poems on hope.


        * * *

      • kamalakanta47
        Hi, Doris! It is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJtSSVnfOdk with gratitude, Kamalakanta
        Message 3 of 4 , Sep 23, 2010
          Hi, Doris!

          It is here:


          with gratitude, Kamalakanta
        • arpan_deangelo
          To Doris[and others], Thank you for the encouragement to write and not to worry about who writes or when, but rather that many people all over the world do
          Message 4 of 4 , Oct 1, 2010
            To Doris[and others],
            Thank you for the encouragement to write and not to worry about who writes or when, but rather that many people all over the world do read this site and are inspired by it.

            Doris,your English is very good and even your spelling is better than many Americans I know. Even those who are self-conscious about their English grammar and spelling mistakes I feel should write as we do not expect perfection in the English language here. It is easy to understand most Europeans and others for whom English is just a second or third language which they have not mastered yet. I enjoy reading and listening to those who even attempt English and are willing to make mistakes and not worry about it. It is still communication no matter what it sounds or looks like.

            Our own mastery over the inner language or meditation is far from complete or perfect yet we were constantly encouraged by Guru, who was a Master many times over, to try and try and never give up practicing the inner language of silence, or meditation.

            As we are preparing for the October Celebrations and the weather is changing quickly, it is encouraging to know that many Europeans and others from around the world are willing to make the sacrifice of time and money to visit NY and bring with them inspiration and aspiration, enthusiasm and energy, to inspire us all in New York.

            I can imagine how difficult it must be to travel abroad and stay in a cramped place without much privacy or space and yet maintain a happy and peaceful consciousness. Only with Guru's inner Grace and Love can all those who come here enjoy it with all the inconveniences involved in staying here for weeks.

            We will keep you posted on the events after they happen for those who cannot make it to New York. I hope there will be others who are inspired to give some feedback here as to how they are enjoying the posts by those who are able to do so. I think that perhaps many still do not know how to sign up to post here. Perhaps someone can remind us of how that is done again by sending a post on how to sign up as a Yahoo member. It is not difficult but I myself cannot remember the steps as I have been posting since 2003.

            See some of you soon,

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