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Announcing Inspiration-Letters 19: Time

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  • mahiruha_27
    Dear Friends, I am hugely grateful and happy to announce the recent publication of our newest issue of Inspiration-Letters- volume 19, devoted to the theme of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2010
      Dear Friends,

      I am hugely grateful and happy to announce the recent publication of our newest issue of Inspiration-Letters- volume 19, devoted to the theme of `Time'.

      We have a bumper crop of essays from twelve of our most opulently gifted writers, a real feast of inspiration for all lovers of spiritual literature.

      In my introduction, I spoke about memory, my changing perspective on life, and how art, music and poetry have shaped my understanding of time.

      Pavitrata contributed the title image, which I think is one of his best. That is saying a lot, as he is a really wonderful photographer and craftsman. Many thanks to you, Pavitrata, dear friend!

      Sharani offered an essay entitled "2 Hours and 40 Minutes- Timeless Trek." I always enjoy the fluid, graceful movement of her prose. Sharani often writes with great eloquence, but always in an accessible `just folks' style that I find truly appealing. Take this sentence, for example: "I knew that rather than speeding hurriedly down the road, I had just merged into a flow where it is possible to step outside normal clock time."

      When I finished Jogyata's essay "New York Interludes", I felt as if I had just sat down for tea with a Chinese Zen Master. I mean, every sentence he writes is just packed with meaning and beauty. I've often turned to his work for assistance and encouragement in my times of pain and self-doubt, and have never walked away from his essays empty-handed. Read his latest piece yourself, and join the gallery of jaw-droppers.

      After my repeated pleas, exhortations, and threats, Rathin has finally broken down and submitted an article to Inspiration-Letters. One of my favorite sentences from his essay, "Time" is this one: "It is our very mortality that compels us to try and knit the universe into some kind of garment we can wear." It's a sensitive, funny and insightful piece that I am sure you will enjoy!

      Noivedya contributed "Moments in Time"- a meditation on how major, societal-changing events are used by the media to define the character of a particular year. He refers to his own book "1975: Australia's Greatest Year" and rightly so. It's one of the finest books available to people wanting a window into Australian culture and I recommend it highly. As always, Noivedya writes with splendid, reportorial grace.

      My favorite phrase from Tom McGuire's article on time runs "To demonstrate my complete apathy towards clockishness (a made-up word meaning excessive adherencee to the artificial anthropogenic construct known as `time'…" Whoa, and I don't even know what `anthropogenic' means. Tom writes with real confidence, with a dose of self-deprecating humor thrown in, which I like.

      Palyati's prose-poem "Time Passages" is light-hearted, but beautifully concise and persuasive. I enjoyed this; her use of imagery drawn from science and history is very resourceful.

      "Time", by Purnakama Rajna, is interesting because it shows how a schoolteacher can apply the spiritual technique of meditation to maintain poise, serenity and dignity in the classroom. Her essay reminds us all that meditation and spirituality are practical to the core.

      Barnaby's essay "Ten Days to Learn about Time" contains the interesting sentence: "Plato's dialogues I am sure would be more usefully studied, more perceptively understood, and more thoroughly appreciated by preschoolers rather than by lanky, greasy-haired university students." He mentions in his essay that he's 45, which is incredible when you think of his feats of physical endurance (like the Ten Day Race!) Barnaby's essays combine a philosopher's clarity and brevity with a child's wonder and delight. What else can I say?

      "For the Times They are A-changin'" is Abhinabha's lyrical and pithy contribution to this issue. The tone of the essay is nostalgic and bittersweet. Abhinabha's a born poet, and each word is carefully considered, like a painter's exact choice of a pigment.

      Arpan's essay on Time reveals his infectious enthusiasm as well as his knack for language. It is essentially a sensitive compilation of Sri Chinmoy's writings on the nature of time, along with Arpan's thoughtful commentary.

      I wrote on the meaning of Sri Chinmoy's smiles, and how my memories of my Guru often carry me far beyond my present problems and dilemmas, to a place where I can be calm and joyful.

      Suchana's article "Leaving Some Time Behind" reflects her deep spirituality, love of nature and seemingly effortless prose style. Our only South American writer, Suchana's essays make the culture and scenes of Argentina accessible to everyone- even a gringo norteamericano like me! Her stories are always fascinating and uplifting.

      You can find it all here:


      Many, many, many heartfelt thanks to Tejvan for creating the site. I also wish to thank Jaitra for his meticulous proofreading and care. Thank you, my dear friends, for your many hours of hard work in this. You've made the dream real.

      With gratitude to all our kind fans and supporters,

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