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God can solve all your problems.

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  • sharani_sharani
    The last time I was in New York for the weekend while we took prasad at the end of the Saturday night function at Aspiration-Ground, there was an audio
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2010
      The last time I was in New York for the weekend while we took prasad at the end of the Saturday night function at Aspiration-Ground, there was an audio recording playing of Sri Chinmoy reading aloud one of his books. The subject was all about joy. He was describing different ideas and methods to achieve joy in your life. His voice was brimming with an infectious joy and enthusiasm that seemed to enter into us just through hearing it.

      One method to experience joy was to go to a toy store and wander amongst the toys. The way he read it caused people to actually smile and laugh out load. Joy seemed to be descending even as we were taking prasad.

      For whatever reason, the part of the book (I wish I own it - I don't think I do) that resonated deeply for me was when he said to feel that you could solve all your problems, to just feel that your problems were solved and that you could easily do it. [this is all paraphrase because I do not own the book and could not find the excerpt in the online library].

      All too often I have a tendency to dwell on what I perceive to be problems in my life. It is all too easy to just proceed from one problem to the next if life is perceived as the proverbial half empty glass instead of half full.

      Feeling that all my problems could be easily solved appealed to me enormously. I found myself remembering the way Guru's voice sounded when he recited it and long after I returned home, I tried to embrace the notion that all problems could be solved.

      With this backdrop, one morning at my shrine I had an inward conversation with Guru. I told him that I had a problem and was sorely lacking for solutions and that I wanted to live the philosophy of feeling that all problems can be solved.

      I had already tried using my intuition, discussing it with others and letting it simmer on the back burner (metaphorically speaking) and I was stumped for a solution.

      Very soon after asking for inner guidance with this problem (which in this case happened to have to do with schedules and logistics and the calendar timing of Guru's arrival anniversary this year), a perfect solution fell into my lap when I was least expecting it.

      Some changes in schedule and logistics proved very beneficial for all parties concerned and I didn't even know it would be the case. That guiding hand seems to have the 360 degree angle of perspective and brought forward the mutually benefitting needs for all concerned in a way I would have never imagined.

      The funny part too is that the scheduling solution involves an Easter Egg Hunt. Never having organized one before - only having attended them as a child - I suddenly understand why an Egg Hunt is an egg-zacting proposal.

      I have approached it with gusto nonetheless. Spending my own money on it, taking extra time for it, feeling grateful for every contribution from others to help make it happen. Why? Because while I am hiding 500+ eggs and waiting for the squeals of delight or the tears of frustration depending on the ease in uncovering the toy and candy filled plastic eggs, I am remembering that all problems can have solutions - even if unconventional ones and that the possibility of seeing all problems solved is within my grasp if I just let God use his creative genius to help me out.

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