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Some more thoughts on being a seeker

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  • mahiruha_27
    Even though I have accepted a spiritual path, and have been walking along this path for many years, I still think of myself as a seeker. In other words, my
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2010
      Even though I have accepted a spiritual path, and have been walking along this path for many years, I still think of myself as a seeker. In other words, my spiritual life is not a finished product. Sri Chinmoy has written on every subject of the spiritual life; and the study and comprehension of his philosophy is a lifelong project. I am deeply attracted to Sri Chinmoy's writings. I come from the Jewish tradition, where the study of sacred scriptures is given great emphasis. This path suits my studious temperament very nicely.

      But being a seeker means that there is always something new to discover and fathom. Our Guru writes that we live in an ever-transcending universe; God is always transcending His own perfection.

      The following is an question and answer about this concept of God's ever-evolving and ever-transcending perfection:

      BILL P.: Was God perfect before He created the universe?

      SRI CHINMOY: Yes, God was perfect. But just as there is no end to our own perfection, even so there is no end to God's perfection. We use the term ever-transcending Beyond. God is constantly transcending Himself. God's perfection means the message of His own Self-transcendence. When you did not know how to play the piano, your goal, which was your idea of perfection, was just to strike the proper notes, and you were exceedingly glad when you knew how to strike the proper notes. After a few years, your perfection was knowing how to play a few pieces properly. Then your perfection was to be able to play some great masterpiece on the piano, and so on. In God's case also, He had the creation in His Vision, and now you see how His evolution is progressing slowly and steadily towards the Highest. Perfection is like that. When you have something, that is your perfection. Then you see the deficiency of what you have achieved, and you go farther beyond.

      From Sri Chinmoy's book "Perfection World" (http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/books/0133/1/5)

      I think the Zen Buddhists hold that each second of our life is utterly unique. If we could appreciate the beauty and divinity of each second, we would always be happy, no matter what we may experience in the outer world. I think Sri Chinmoy's explanation of the ever-transcending Beyond corresponds to that philosophy. If we are always striving to go beyond ourselves, then we can always experience the freshness, ecstasy and thrill of a new journey.

      I also like Sri Chinmoy's answer to a query about the difference between Eternity and Immortality.

      On page 19 of Sri Chinmoy Answers, part 37, Sri Chinmoy writes, "Eternity has no end, but from Eternity we do not get something concrete. Once something is done, in the course of Eternity it becomes almost immaterial. Immortality, on the other hand, is full of life-energy. While moving from mortality to Immortality, we are only creating and creating, whereas Eternity is stretched very long, but on the way it does not have the same kind of productivity. Eternity is very, very long and very spacious, but something illumining or fulfilling we cannot get from Eternity. The life-force that is there is not dynamic or productive…

      "So for me Immortality is more important than Eternity, because Immortality is producing, producing. Immortality has more joy and light in it. When we say `immortal', immediately something happens inside our heart…"

      Among his concluding remarks in this talk, I found the phrase, "My third eye perhaps cares more for Immortality…"

      I know nothing about how the third eye operates, but I find this phrase very interesting. It implies that the third eye has its own unique sense of discrimination and discernment. Spiritual Masters use the third eye to assess, absorb and appreciate higher realities like Eternity, Infinity and Immortality.

      When Sri Chinmoy delivers these kinds of talks, I feel deep humility and gratitude welling up inside my heart. What a privilege it is to be associated with a Master whose illumined understanding is so unique, so penetrating and so multifaceted.


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