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Sri Chinmoy Centre Celebrates Mother Language Day

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  • arpan_deangelo
    This past weekend, as well as on Tuesday evening, the Sri Chinmoy Centre participated in some very inspiring and meaningful programs based on the celebration
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 24, 2010
      This past weekend, as well as on Tuesday evening, the Sri Chinmoy Centre
      participated in some very inspiring and meaningful programs based on the
      celebration of `Mother Language Day'. Originating in Bangladesh
      in February of 1952, which was East Pakistan at the time, this event
      sprung from the need to maintain cultural and national identity by
      preserving their `mother tongue', or national language. Various
      protests and events led to the Declaration of Independence for East
      Pakistan which eventually became the country of Bangladesh, also
      preserving its mother tongue of the beautiful Bengali language.

      Two of the events and various personal experiences were very beautifully
      expressed by Mahatapa, our Bengali New York disciple who made all the
      connections and arrangements for our participation. My own personal
      experience can be summed up as a realization that Guru's Bengali
      songs have truly touched the hearts not only of spiritual seekers around
      the world but of all Bengali nationals who can appreciate the beauty of
      his poetry and music expressed in their own sweet and lyrical language.

      I now wish to quote some of Mahatapa's own comments on what happened at
      one of the five functions we participated in:

      "It was wonderful that Consul General Haque of Bangladesh gave the
      floor to the Sri Chinmoy Centre right after Ambassador Qader, Councilman
      Nabi, Ambassador Bubb, and the NY State Bilingual association.
      Adhiratha represented the Sri Chinmoy Centre beautifully and offered the
      Torch Bearer Award to the Society of Foreign Consuls. What an excellent
      way for the many Consuls General present there to hear about the WHR. He
      also gave the article written by Agraha and a few other
      books and CDs to the Ambassador of Bangladesh. I also had the
      opportunity to give, Mr. Haque, the Bangladesh Consul General, and the
      organizer of the program, a copy of that article.

      The multicultural segment of the program was at the end of the evening.
      It started after 9 pm. At about 9:30 when the Sri Chinmoy Centre singers
      came out to perform the audience had thinned out considerably. However,
      our singers, manifested Guru's philosophy of oneness so
      amazingly at this point and stayed on to listen to the Bengali singers
      who were still waiting. The Consul General and the Bengali singers were
      very touched by this solidarity and there was a real feeling of family
      at the end.

      The Consul General at the closing even said that "The program could not
      have happened without the Sri Chinmoy Centre's support." And I believe
      that we made some real friends by just staying on.

      It is quite amazing to me the love that Bangladeshi's have for their
      language. Perhaps it is because they sacrificed so much for it. It is
      also amazing for me to hear them talk about the two men who have put the
      Bengali language on the world map: Mujib-ur-rahman, the father of the
      nation, the one who led their country to freedom and Sri Chinmoy,
      because of whom thousands of non-Bengalis from all over the world are
      singing Bengali songs and love the Bengali language.

      Hopefully, we can continue to manifest Guru's songs and philosophy among
      this group who are so receptive and have such respect for him.
      With gratitude to all of you and most of all to Guru,


      The following are the words delivered by Adhiratha representing the Sri
      Chinmoy Centre at the Society of Foreign Consuls function which Mahatapa
      described and we later sang for.

      "It is a great honour for the Sri Chinmoy Centre to participate in
      this commemoration of the International Mother Language Day 2010.
      Although the mother language of most of our members present here tonight
      is English, we have been extremely fortunate to develop a deep love for
      the Bengali language by learning the lyrical songs of Sri Chinmoy, our
      spiritual teacher and our mentor in world service. In so doing, we feel
      that we have been touched by the heart of Bengal itself.

      We wish to offer our deep gratitude to Mr. Haque for extending to us the
      kind invitation to participate in tonight's programme, and for so
      graciously considering us

      true friends of Bangladesh.

      Throughout his life, Sri Chinmoy remained a devoted son of Bengal, even
      as he became a renowned citizen of the world. Indeed, Sri Chinmoy taught
      us to love the Motherland that nurtured us in childhood, and then to
      expand our love to embrace the entire world family.

      (on delivery Added that CKG had said that only if we love ourselves then
      our family, community and country would we be able to love the world )

      Sri Chinmoy devotedly served the United Nations Goals, and he traveled
      to many countries to share his message of oneness.

      We are delighted to see in this gathering the representatives of so many
      of the world's nations, united in the enthusiastic sharing of
      language and culture.

      We thank you all for embodying the spirit of oneness, and we wish to
      take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the Society of
      Foreign Consuls in a tangible way.

      As you may know, Sri Chinmoy founded the World Harmony Run, a global
      relay run in which a torch is passed from hand to hand with the message
      of peace. Just last week I had the privilege of participating in the
      World Harmony Run in the Bahamas with Dr. Davidson Hepburn, recently
      elected as the President of the 35th General Conference of UNESCO.
      President Hepburn was for many years Ambassador to the UN and is a
      long-standing friend of Sri Chinmoy and The Peace Meditation at the
      United Nations."

      The Torch Bearer Award was then offered to representatives of the
      Society of Foreign Consuls as they shared in holding the Torch along
      with Adhiratha. After a variety of speeches from representatives of many
      countries present, we participated in the multi-cultural program of
      music and dance. We sang a number of Guru's songs including his main
      song on Bangladesh. We did not dance though we saw a traditional
      Balinese dance and heard some amazing music from India, Estonia, and
      other countries.

      Below is an excerpt from Mahatapa to those of us who were able to sing
      some of Guru's songs at these functions. These words sum up the
      sentiment that was felt by most of those who attended, especially the
      grateful Bengali organizers.

      "Dear singers,
      Mr. Momtazuddin Ahmed called today and expressed his deep gratitude to
      all of you for so beautifully presenting Guru's songs on Bangladesh.
      He said that the audience was deeply moved and touched and "that it
      glorified the event. He said that many people told him afterward how
      much they appreciated your singing and how it gave them a thrill to hear
      westerners sing Bengali songs and express their love for

      I am sure you will be hearing more about these events which so
      wonderfully manifested Guru's beautiful Bengali songs to such
      appreciative and receptive multi-cultural audiences.


      Arpan and Singers

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    • suchana27
      Thank you, Arpan, for sharing your participation in this cultural and spiritual event. It is so true that Sri Chinmoy´s songs can touch the heart of any
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 8, 2010
        Thank you, Arpan, for sharing your participation in this cultural and spiritual event.
        It is so true that Sri Chinmoy´s songs can touch the heart of any listener in the world. I remember how happy radio presenters have been when listening at them and learning that Guru and Tagore came from the same land.

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