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Re: Marathons and Selfless Service

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  • sunamitalim
    Right on, Ash! Your volunteerism (service) inspires everyone endlessly—from benefiting kids with cancer and their families, to promoting a worthy cause, to
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 7, 2004
      Right on, Ash! Your volunteerism (service) inspires everyone
      endlessly—from benefiting kids with cancer and their families, to
      promoting a worthy cause, to blessing you with manifesting your
      Soul's boundless Power! [as in karmically—what goes around, comes
      around] It's not easy to train for a marathon, I know; let alone
      factor in your stringent residency requirements. Be assured though
      that The Supreme is running in and through you, and protecting you as
      you train. Wow!!

      And as in all matters divine, nothing is merely coincidental. My
      morning's reading today is Sri Chinmoy's essay on "Serving Others":

      We serve because "In the spiritual life, we feel that everything is
      part of God; so we don't have to destroy our opponents, only we have
      to illumine them. ... Here is the difference. In the spiritual life,
      unless and until we have illumined the world at large—the world
      around us and before us—we are not satisfied," Sri Chinmoy writes.

      Sri Chinmoy continues, "Now, in order to do that, we have to prepare
      ourselves. We prepare ourselves by feeding the soul. If you have to
      fight against someone, you strengthen your body. You take exercise,
      eat properly and in this way strengthen yourself. As you feed the
      body in order to be strong physically, so also you have to feed the
      soul in order to strengthen your inner being. And how do you feed
      your soul? You feed the soul by aspiring. Aspiration is the real
      spiritual exercise. When we aspire we energise our being, our entire

      What could be more practical than to aspire to the highest in us, to
      be the very best we can be, with every endeavor?

      Sri Chinmoy offers in this same essay, "If you want to help the outer
      world, early in the morning during your meditation you can offer your
      good will. If you feel that your near and dear ones are not at all
      spiritual, then it will take a long time to help them with their
      problems in the material world. But if they are spiritual, it won't
      take much time. The cure depends on their disease and the amount they
      are suffering."

      [As an aside, in a previous posting I'd mentioned my
      Mom's "miraculous recovery" from her cancer op. But Mom, the real
      credit goes to your Beautiful, Spiritually Receptive Soul; for, in
      reading this, I realize now that you and God are responsible for your
      healing--by being receptive to God's Grace & Will; and with Guru
      graciously facilitating the connecton for you. Truly proof of what
      you've taught me all along—to aspire to be the very best I can be, in
      everything I do. Thanks, Mom!]

      My Spiritual Master also offers, "From your aspiration, from your
      prayer, from your meditation, you create a world of your own. It is
      not that you are in a world of fantasy. No! It is the world of
      reality. As you aspire you enter into a higher world, a broader
      world. ... It is on the strength of your own achievement, your own
      realization, that you accept the world and change the face of the
      world. The higher and deeper you go, and the stronger you become, the
      sooner you are in a position to change the face of the world."

      Thanks very much for walking the talk, Ash [although running is more
      like it here]. Best wishes for a sub-4 marathon. With your powerful
      aspiration, we know you will make it!!


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, sangoram
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Two of the many benefits of being on Sri Chinmoy's path are the
      > development of one's physical fitness and the recognition of the
      > to selflessly serve humanity.
      > On April 19th, I will run the fourth marathon (my second Boston
      > marathon) since I started residency 1.5 years ago. I am, for the
      > second straight year, running for the Mass General Marathon Team
      > Fighting Kids Cancer… One step at a Time. This year my goal is a
      > ambitious $5000. I once again look to my friends to help in this
      > wonderful cause. Please consider a donation. This time, donating is
      > very easy.
      > Visit my webpage where you can donate securely and easily:
      > http://www.justgiving.com/PFP/sangoram
      > Both the children afflicted with cancer and I are extremely
      > yours in gratitude,
      > Ash
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