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Thank you Nayak!

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  • karpani_ru
    Thank you Nayak for your wonderful Trip news! To describe everything so carefully, in so much detail that it becomes like a living picture for those who read
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2004
      Thank you Nayak for your wonderful Trip news! To describe everything
      so carefully, in so much detail that it becomes like a living picture
      for those who read it is a real self-giving. We are getting so much
      joy from reading it!


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      > 2 February 2004
      > The best thing is to start with a poem, so here is one of Sri
      > Chinmoy's prayer's from 30 January 2004 (unofficial).
      > "The earthly races are for the God-seekers.
      > The heavenly races are for the God-discoverers."
      > This prayer followed the morning two-mile race, and even though it
      > was not THE race prayer itself, it is certainly a cheer for our
      > spiritual race. This prayer was from one of the last morning
      > functions at our previous hotel. That was a very, very nice hotel,
      > but the hotel that we have moved into now is a real palace. Lest the
      > causal reader think that our group is rich (we arte not), consider
      > the advantage that our group has in presenting 400 guests as a
      > package for a hotel manager. Plus, our team that scouts for hotels
      > has years of experience at it.
      > In any case, that last hotel had some very nice features, among them
      > being a spectacular view from the high-rise dining room. In
      > addition, the chef was a food-sculpture genius. Each evening we were
      > presented with carvings of food--such as an old man's head carved
      > from a watermelon, and the outer white rind cleverly presented to
      > mimic the gray hair. Another tableau made from fruits and vegetables
      > showed fish amidst sea vegetation, and then some days we had
      > sculptures from butter, including the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning
      > Tower of Pisa. This food sculptor was not just very good, he was
      > great, something like a genius at his art. He has won many
      > international competitions with his work. On the last day the chef
      > carved a bust of Sri Chinmoy, which he presented to our Teacher in
      > our function room amidst thunderous applause of the group. The bust
      > had a beautiful expression, a beautiful smile, and it showed the
      > esteem and affection that the Balinese staff of the hotel held for
      > our Guru. After receiving the sculpture, Guru asked this outstanding
      > food artist to come and pose for a picture with him, and then a
      > second picture was taken with the two assistant chef-sculptors.
      > On that day, Guru also received a very nice award from an important
      > Hindu Association. A delegation of several members of the
      > association visited for the award and then stayed for about an hour
      > when Guru talked about Hinduism today. During this talk he
      > demonstrated some different kinds of samadhi for them (including
      > savikalpa and nirvikalpa samadhi).
      > Back to that morning two-mile race. It was the 26th race of the trip
      > and the 10th 2-mile race. The winner was Horst of Austria in 10:23,
      > followed by Sanjay in 10:27 (a personal best) and then Snatak
      > (10:41, also a personal best). Among the women, Dhavala of Scotland
      > took first (12:06), then Kirtivati (12:35) and Agnikana (12:37). The
      > race was special again because Sri Chinmoy sat at the turnaround and
      > observed the race.
      > On our last day in that hotel, Sri Chinmoy did his best mile time of
      > the trip--under 16 minutes, which is marvelous because of the
      > injuries he has, and because he has such determination to improve
      > his time even in the face of this body-foe.
      > At various times during the trip Guru has composed songs for
      > Parvati's group, a group that sings his short aphoristic English
      > songs. On the next-to-last day at that hotel, Guru found that he was
      > within a long hop of 100 songs for this group on this trip, and he
      > wanted this singing group and their Composer-Teacher to reach this
      > goal, so he composed several songs to bring the total up to 100. He
      > asked them to perform 16 that very evening and 16 the next morning,
      > before Parvati's departure for New York. It was a very nice scene.
      > In the function room with glass doors offering a view of the sea,
      > the group sat in front of Guru as he spontaneously set his poems to
      > music. He says that these songs will serve as mantras in the future
      > and that in "400 years" they will be very widely used. They are, he
      > says, like devotion-magnets. When we sing them we become like little
      > children. We should all try to be little children in spirit, that
      > was his wish. Parvati's group was seen practicing steadily until
      > their evening performance and then again in the morning for their
      > last performance before Parvati's departure for home.
      > Here are some selections from the Parvati group song list
      > (unofficial):
      > My heart exports my God-loving tears to heaven.
      > My soul imports peace and bliss from above.
      > God-obedience is the only subject that I must study.
      > I can never devour enough the golden dust of My Lord's Feet.
      > God's Compassion-Eye is never out of function.
      > A CD of Guru singing 37 of these songs was available the day that
      > the group last sang, and I am listening to it as I type. Lest anyone
      > feel that God will never appear to them, I must add this selection
      > from the CD:
      > "My Master reveals the unseen God to me at the very right moment."
      > It is very difficult to comprehend that this trip, that has become a
      > way of life, will draw to a close in less than two weeks. But that
      > is so.
      > Yours,
      > Nayak
      > Radio Sri Chinmoy - http://www.radiosrichinmoy.org
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