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Re: 25th Anniversary of Cologne Concert

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  • dmchaudhurani
    I also remember the Cologne Concert with great affection. 24th March happens to be my son s birthday and he was four that day. This was before Guru wrote the
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 29, 2009
      I also remember the Cologne Concert with great affection. 24th March happens to be my son's birthday and he was four that day. This was before Guru wrote the Seven Year Old songs - and he had written that all his good disciples should feel that they were four year old children - so I felt that it was especially auspicious and significant that Bijon was 4 on the same day as this cosmic concert.

      One thing I enjoyed was joining a team of cleaners before the concert and working to make the hall as clean and sweet as possible. I was working with the Annam Brahma girls and it felt so natural and inspiring working with them. We were joking that perhaps we had been working for Guru together in past lives. Then we lit insence and put flowers everywhere. I think it was the year we all wore light blue saries and gave flowers to the concert-goers as they arrived. Can anyone tell me if I am remembering that concert or am I mixing it up with another. I was totally happy in that concert. There are not a lot of times in life when you are aware that you are absolutely happy - but that was one. It just was absolutely my world, my Guru and my divine family.

      One reason for my deep happiness was that my husband had come with us on that occasion. This was unprecidented because he was not usually supportive of my spiritual life at that time so I was in a very hopeful and grateful mood. The German disciples were very kind and hospitable towards our whole family.

      Next day there was indeed a seven hour meditation. I did not think I could go because being a mother is such a full time job - but my husband offered to take Bijon on a river trip up the Rhine so that I could be free to go to the meditation.

      During the meditation I was so happy - but at the same time quite emotional, feeling torn in half because of the contrast of the joy of being with Guru and the difficulties that were in my ordinary life at that time. I wanted the meditation to go on for ever. At one stage I was very close to tears.

      I'm not sure how long we would meditate for - perhaps an hour - and then there would be a short break. I did not feel sociable when the break arrived so I stayed in the meditation room - and opened a copy of 27,000 Aspiration Plants that I had just bought. I opened it at random and the poem read 'Don't cry...' I will check out the library site and see if I can find it. It was an example of the way that Guru could use his 'divine tricks' to give us exactly what we needed. There were hundreds and hundreds of disciples in the meditation hall but he was able to see and answer each persons needs in such a tender and perfect way.

      At another stage in the meditation, not long after one of the breaks, I developed a tickle in my throat. I knew if I coughed it would really disturb people and I was not sitting any where near an exit where I could slide out. The tickle was getting worse and worse. I just had to keep holding my breath until the tickle subsided and then breath very, very gently so I could control the urge to cough. Inwardly I was asking Guru for help - or rather shouting for help inwardly. Then Guru suddenly announced that we would have another break. I was so surprised because it was not long since the last break. I knew he was doing it for me and I was just flooded with gratitude. I was able to get a drink and buy some lozenges and chase the tickle in my throat away for the rest of the meditation.

      In the meditation at one stage I was sitting quite close to Guru and syncronising my breath with his. I have often tried to do this - but on this occasion, for a brief space of time, I felt that my breath really was one with Guru's Breath. It was a wonderful experience. My whole existence felt liquid and flying at the same time. I assumed that this was something I would be able to do and experience again - and tried many times - but never with any success. I realise now that it was not my achievement of syncronising my breath - but 100% Guru's Love and Grace.

      My own gratitude heart ..... is just overflowing with love and gratitude. We have so many sweet and inspiring times to remember and celebrate. I wonder if anyone else would like to share their Cologn Concert memories.
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