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Wednesday Evening Function in New York, March 25, 2009

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  • arpan_deangelo
    After the initial meditation and singing of the Invocation, we sang: Nimne Dharanir, Nirab Amare and Ore Mor Kheya along with a recording of Guru singing
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2009
      After the initial meditation and singing of the Invocation, we sang:
      'Nimne Dharanir, Nirab Amare and Ore Mor Kheya' along with a recording
      of Guru singing those songs. Then we heard part of a new CD of
      Guru's music played by Premik with Satyajit soulfully reciting some
      of Guru's prayers and poetry.

      Paree's group then came up to sing three popular songs three times
      each with the rest of us singing along as well. We all sang: 'Nai, Nai,
      Nai', 'Nriter Tale Tale', and 'Akashe Amar'. It was a wonderful
      `sing-along' following the sing-along with Guru's CD just
      before. I believe that his devotional songs were one of Guru's
      favorite ways of expressing the devotion and joy of our spiritual

      An excerpt of a new video which has just come out was then shown ,
      edited by Mridanga. It is called `The Life of Sri Chinmoy' Part
      1. It contains mostly video footage of Sri Chinmoy's Flute
      Anniversary in 1997 and other clips from that year as well. We watched a
      soulful meditation, the start of the first 3100 mile race in which Guru
      offered a starting meditation and then walked around the course. He then
      walked around the Jamaica High School track when it was still the old,
      dirt surface. It ended with him at a function in Japan talking about
      Aurobindo and singing one of the Sri Aurobindo songs he composed. He
      also talked about Sri Ramakrishna and Mother Kali at that function in

      Next were the offerings of a flower from people who have birthdays or
      Anniversaries around this time. During Prasad that followed we listened
      to Guru reciting some of his English poems. Some of them were:

      "God's Heart-Door

      Does not believe

      In even one single lock."

      "God gives purity

      The most important role

      In His Cosmic-Play."

      "The mind envies

      The success of the world.

      The heart embraces

      The progress of the world."[unofficial]

      After Prasad there were some announcements and news. The most inspiring
      was Nilpushpi's account of her trip to Europe. She described some
      of the Enterprises and Centres she visited in Slovakia and Germany,
      noting how much joy, devotion and oneness there was. She ended by
      relating some of the things that were like Guru's miracles, but the
      most amazing miracle is that we are all together as one big family. It
      really rang true when you see how many people from so many different
      cultures and customs can feel a sense of oneness and family even with
      all their differences and distances. This Oneness power is truly a
      result of Guru's powerful love of God, his love for us, his
      spiritual children, and the love he shared with the rest of the world as



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