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Announcing Inspiration-Letters 15: Silence

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  • mahiruha_27
    Dear Friends, I am writing here to announce the publication of the fifteenth issue of Inspiration-Letters, devoted to the theme of silence . It is among our
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2008
      Dear Friends,

      I am writing here to announce the publication of the fifteenth issue
      of Inspiration-Letters, devoted to the theme of "silence". It is
      among our finest issues, and I think that our readers will agree with
      me on this. You can find it here:


      I introduced the issue by discussing an experience I had with a tree
      shortly after our Master's departure. I also discuss some apparently
      symbolic dreams that I had around the time of his Mahasamadhi.

      Jogyata wrote "Remembering October", a touching article on his
      experiences this October in New York. A gifted poet, Jogyata lifts us
      into a realm of deep feeling and wonder. Each of his pieces is a
      document, and this article is no different. What may make this
      article special, however, is the incredible polish and grace of each

      Palyati offered "Defining Silence", an interesting reflection on the
      uses of silence in everyday life. She also wrote about how the
      practise of inner silence, or meditation, can radically reshape the
      circumstances of our outer life. Her piece is food-for-thought and
      poetically beautiful as well.

      Abhinabha is a free-lance journalist. I'm just mentioning this
      because his writing has such a remarkable flow to it. He has a
      wonderfully light, clear and poised style that comes through strongly
      in "My First Dance with Silence". The words he uses: "wonder, grace
      and natural calm" to describe the silence of wild places surprisingly
      sums up his own writing as well.

      Arpan, the most seasoned World Harmony Run (www.worldharmonyrun.org)
      pioneer and also the oldest finisher ever of the 3100-mile Race
      (http://www.3100.ws/) offers us his own take on the value of silence
      in "Silence Please!", as expressed through Sri Chinmoy's aphoristic
      poetry. The poems he has chosen and/or excerpted are really
      remarkable, and I appreciate his valuable interpretations of them,
      too. To read Arpan's own poetic masterpiece (in my humble opinion)
      read "Journey Into the Unknown" here:

      Barney wrote "Seven Drops of Silence" which amply displays his
      eclectic intellectual interests and true love of language. Barney
      apparently brings life-times of study and knowledge to all of his
      pieces, which yet remain childlike and entertaining. The two words I
      would use to describe his writing are `depth' and `intensity'.

      Sharani brought us "Silence Solo Style". For those of us who have not
      attended any of Sri Chinmoy's magical "Christmas Trip" spiritual
      retreats, her article offers many lovely insights as to how Sri
      Chinmoy feeds his students' hearts and souls with songs, poems, and
      spiritual wisdom. Like all of Sharani's essays, this piece is
      gracious and reportorial. Her knack for combining erudition with
      eloquence is second to none.

      I wrote "Silence", my meditation on Sri Chinmoy's silent, blessingful
      presence, and also the creative fountain that flowed forth from his
      illumined mind and life.

      Here's a poem from Sri Chinmoy's "The Golden Boat" series that I
      especially like:

      O emptiness of ages,
      I eat your silence-food.
      To you I offer my gratitude-heart.
      O silence of Eternity's Vision-dawn,
      You fulfil your sound-manifestation
      Through my life's inner cry.
      To you I offer my certitude-soul.


      Very, very special and heartfelt gratitude to our great Webmaster,
      Sumangali, for assembling this and every other edition of
      Inspiration-Letters. Thank you a million times, Sumangali, for
      designing yet another gorgeous issue.

      With profound gratitude to all of our readers, writers, friends and,
      most of all, to our beloved Guru, Sri Chinmoy,

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