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Mahasamadhi function in Amsterdam

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  • abhinabha
    In the flow of current events I d like to share our centre s commemoration of Guru s passing one year ago. Yesterday we commemorated our Guru s Mahasamadhi
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2008
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      In the flow of current events I'd like to share our centre's
      commemoration of Guru's passing one year ago.

      Yesterday we commemorated our Guru's Mahasamadhi with a special
      function in our centre. We started by chanting 76 times Supreme, one
      for every earthly year Guru had been on earth. Then we did silent
      meditation and singing. We sang the special 'Mahasamadhi song' that
      Guru had composed already in 1974 for the occasion of his earthly
      departure. It is such a haunting and deeply moving song. Tears welled
      up inside while we were singing it. "Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude
      to you, to you my children sweet, to you." Can we ever fathom the
      depths of Guru's love for us?
      We also sang several other 'favourites' like Ami Jabo ('I shall
      enter') and Jago amar swapan sathi ('Awake, arise, o friend of my dream').

      We had a break in the middle with a sumptuous Indian meal and then
      continued with an hour of soulful video's. After that we made a big
      circle and invited everybody to recount personal inner or outer
      experiences they had had with Guru, both before and after he had left
      the body. To me this was the highlight of the evening. Tears and
      smiles, but especially smiles, prevailed as these funny, moving or
      loving stories resurfaced. It was clear from these personal accounts
      that Guru has a special place in his heart for each one of his disciples.

      We ended with a bountiful prasad including some of Guru's favourite
      items, like samosa's, mango's and Indian sweets. The function was a
      wonderful way to reaffirm the eternal bond that exists between Guru
      and ourselves. He may be gone physically, but time and again it is
      shown that spiritually he is never far away.

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