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  • kamalakanta47
    Dear friend, brothers and sisters, I want to share some inspiraiton with you. In the world of movies, I love movies that humanize me, that make me laugh, or
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2008
      Dear friend, brothers and sisters, I want to share some inspiraiton
      with you.

      In the world of movies, I love movies that humanize me, that make me
      laugh, or cry, or both, and/or make me proud to be a human being.
      Movies that inspire me to be a better person, to be better towards
      others, and to meet my life's challenges, set goals and go for them.

      I have my own list of personal favorites, among them some that might
      seem outright silly. But if they are innocent enough, and make me
      grow, or open my heart, I'm caught, helpless, and to the day I die I
      will be like this, I can tell.

      Among my recent favorites is a movie I watched a few years ago, and
      for some reason it came to my mind recently, so I looked it up in
      YouTube, and found one or two clips that I will share with you.

      The movie is called "Mr. Holland's Opus", with Richard Dreyfuss, and
      it is a drama about a composer who becomes a high school music
      teacher. He becomes, over time, a good teacher, learning how to teach
      young people how to believe in themselves and have fun doing music.

      There is a wonderful scene, the "Clarinet Scene"...this girl who,
      inspired by this great teacher, would eventually become Governor of
      her state, is having great trouble expressing herself with her
      instrument, the clarinet. Here is the clip to the scene where Mr.
      Holland teaches her how to believe in herself and what music is lla about:

      Mr. Holland's Opus, Clarinet Scene

      Another sub-plot in the movie is the fact that Mr. Hollandd's on is
      deaf. Mr. Holland struggles with this, as it embarasses him, and I'm
      sure he would have liked to have a son to whom he could have taught
      music. But destiny has apparently played a cruel joke on Mr. Holland,
      and he and his son, Cole, clash shortly after John Lennon is killed.
      Their strained relationship is coming to a head, as the son rebels
      against his father's lack of acceptance and understanding of him.

      The reconciliation happens when Mr. Holland decides, with the advice
      of the Principal of the school for the deaf that Cole attends, to do a
      concert where, besides the music, lights convey the energy of the
      sounds that the students are not able to receive completely through
      their hearing...and Mr. Holland sings John Lennon's song "Beautiful
      Boy" to his son.

      Mr. Holland's Opus, Concert for Deaf Students and Song for Cole.

      Another sub-plot for the movie: Mr. Holland is organizing a musical
      based on the works of George Gershwin. The main singer/star in this
      high school musical is Rowena, who is played by Jean Louisa Kelly. She
      sings "Someone to Watch Over Me", by George and Ira Gershwin. She has
      fallen in love with her music teacher (Mr. Holland), and her rendition
      of this song is the most beautiful I have heard. For me, better than
      Ella Fitzgerald.

      Here is the link to the performance in the school musical.

      I just found one more good clip! It is the part where they give Mr.
      Holland a surprise party/concert/farewell:
      Mr. Holland's Opus- Retirement

      I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do....

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