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Re: Father's Day at Aspiration Ground

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  • sharani_sharani
    Hi Kamalakanta, I m glad you re having a good visit in Iceland. Come to think of it, I didn t see you doing sound during the Father s Day function. You missed
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 22, 2008
      Hi Kamalakanta,

      I'm glad you're having a good visit in Iceland. Come to think of it, I
      didn't see you doing sound during the Father's Day function. You
      missed an adorable play with Paree and her singing group that had the
      theme of the Puerto Rican disciples producing a book of poems written
      by Guru. Your name was mentioned in the play at one point in a cute
      and humorous way.

      Have you ever played chess with Santaru from our RI centre? He runs
      several chess programs for children in Rhode Island and he has become
      quite an acclaimed teacher of chess. It is hard for him to come to NY
      on weekends because his regular job is the night shift, then during
      the day he is mostly teaching chess.

      Someday you, Suren and he will have to have a chess face-off.


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      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Hi, Sharani!
      > Thank you for this post about Father's Day in New York. I have been in
      > Iceland for a week now, playing in an international chess tournament
      > that Suren organized. I must say, I am very popular in the tournament;
      > whoever plays me almost has a point assured!
      > I have played 6 games, losing 5 and drawing one (with Suren- what a
      > host!).
      > Today I went to an early Viking settlement, where the first parliament
      > in history used to meet around the year 900 A.D.
      > Icelandic food is delicious, and the hospitality of the Reykjavik Sri
      > Chinmoy students has been out of this world.
      > So, being out of town for this Father's Day, I appreciate more your
      > post about the function at Aspiration-Ground.
      > with gratitude, ~Kamalakanta
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