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Wednesday night in Zurich

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  • nirmalapoems
    This Wednesday was the last meditation in the Secrets of Perfection- Flames , the meditation place in Abarita s office building. We will offer him a big
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 5, 2008
      This Wednesday was the last meditation in the "Secrets of Perfection-
      Flames", the meditation place in Abarita's office building. We will
      offer him a big bouquet of flowers, whose kindness heart is beyond
      all words.
      Christopher had his birthday yesterday, just in time before he flies
      to New York for the 3100 mile race. He shared some thoughts and He
      thanked everybody for the financial support for his upcoming adventure
      journey; he was selected to join the race.

      What a blessing for all of us, to have a member from the Zurich Centre
      participating in this major ultra event. We wish him a good start and
      what is more important a peaceful state of mind for the upcoming days.

      "My dear Lord, how can I live
      without Your Life's Compassion-Eye.
      My sweet Lord, how can I breath
      without Your Heart's Forgiveness-Sky."

      (song text by Sri Chinmoy)
      for Christopher's long endurance journey.

      Here are the aphorism, all unofficial quotes by Sri Chinmoy

      "Please, do not repeat the motto: I have tried my best. This motto is
      obsolete now. The new motto is: I am going to fulfill my Lord Beloved
      Supreme without fail this year."

      "In the battlefield of life my Lord has granted my heart-tears the
      supreme victory over the darkest ignorance-night."

      Gratitude Gratitude


      PS: I recite one more in German to cerebrate this day.

      "Vollkommenheit kommt langsam und bleibt im selben Raum, ja im selben
      Raum wie die Geduld."
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