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Wednesday Night Meditation in N.Y.,May 28

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  • arpan_deangelo
    Every week the magic of the Spring season and the new life and energy it brings creates a very inspiring atmosphere conducive to meditation at
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2008
      Every week the magic of the Spring season and the new life and energy it
      brings creates a very inspiring atmosphere conducive to meditation at
      Aspiration-Ground. The budding flowers offer their all-pervading
      fragrance, the birds sing inspiring melodies, and the leaves offer their
      deep green life energy as the wind gently blows through the trees
      creating a natural mantric resonance. All this is just the outer
      creation that only adds to the depth of the inner peace and harmony
      which pervades this spiritual oasis in the middle of the bustling
      Borough of Queens.

      We start our function with silent meditation or reading as Sri Chinmoy
      sings chants from the Upanishads while playing a small organ on a
      recording. After about 20 minutes we chant Supreme along with Guru 130
      times, slowly and soulfully. Then we have a completely silent meditation
      along with the sweetly chirping birds accompanying us.

      After singing the Invocation, we have some performers offering their
      renditions of Guru's music. Premik sweetly plays three songs on the
      flute: He Krishna Karuna Sindhu, Hiya Pakhi, and Sundara Madhumoy.
      Paree's singing group with 7 girls in it this week sing 13 songs
      including some of the classic favorites such as Bhagaban, Age Nahi Bale,
      Swapane Aso, Andar Guhai Parbona and others.

      These were the only musical performances this week. We then watched some
      videos. The first was about 9 minutes with Sri Chinmoy in a very soulful
      meditation which ended with him starting to sing `My Lord Beloved
      Supreme, With Every Breath of My HeartÂ…'. As the people there began
      to sing it , Guru meditated quite powerfully during the rest of the
      song. We sang along as well. It was a very sweet and powerful way to
      bring the depth of this song into the meditation function.

      The next video was a recent World Harmony Run video sent by the U.S.
      team on the road. We saw inspiring clips from Crestview, Florida at a
      school where the children were quite excited about the arrival of the
      runners carrying the Torch. New Orleans was the next clip which started
      by showing a group of locals there carrying the Torch through a
      neighborhood still effected by the Katrina devastation a few years ago.
      A celebration at a local Baptist church saw the Torch being passed
      around as the congregation sang some very lively songs.

      One more video was offered tonight and it was quite exciting as we saw
      about 15 minutes of the Albert Hall Concert dedicated to Sri Chinmoy on
      May 19. Purushottoma Boris Grenchnikov was the main musician who led
      the large group of musicians in singing songs for Sri Chinmoy as well as
      others offering their own songs to a fully packed hall of over 5000
      people. The stage was quite large and beautiful with a giant photo of
      Sri Chinmoy at the center. There are some links to videos from this
      concert which you could find on some other posts here. It surely seemed
      like a very significant event to be remembered for a long time.

      We then got the book, `My Christmas-New
      Year-Vacation-Aspiration-Prayers, Part 58'. These were 77 prayers that
      Sri Chinmoy offered during his visit to Varna, Bulgaria and Bangkok,
      Thailand in January 2007. The first one is:

      "My Lord, please bless me

      With two far-sighted eyes

      And one deep-digging heart."

      The last one is:

      "The aspiring heart

      Circles God's Feet

      While enjoying

      Divinity's Freedom."

      For all the inspiring prayers in between you must get this book. Each
      book and each prayer, however short, has its own uniqueness and depth
      which offers the mind ways to go beyond its limited perception and enter
      into the stillness of the soul's reality. This in a way can be
      compared to a Zen Koan which is very short and sometimes seems to baffle
      the mind if viewed within the limits of a logical mind. But these
      prayers are usually much more soulful and understandable as they
      approach God's Reality as something quite practical and personal.

      There was a fantastic Prasad which included one of the favorites, ice
      cream. This was the only Prasad item that I knew the source of, as I
      must say it was to honor a group of seven of us who had received our
      spiritual names all on the same day 26 years ago, May 27.
      Arpan(myself), Pulak, Dhanu, Premik, Saurjya, Dipak and
      Pavaka(American), all got our names in a group at Progress-Promise
      meditation hall in 1982. It was such a beautifully memorable evening
      for us which ended with us going out to get Prasad for everyone. We
      bought ice cream sandwiches that night, so just about every year since
      then we have gotten ice cream for Prasad to celebrate that very
      auspicious evening. We felt like Divine Soldiers on a mission as the
      significance of receiving a spiritual name was truly an experience worth
      remembering and celebrating.

      After the good news and announcements that followed the Prasad some of
      the people that were still around seemed as if they wanted to linger to
      enjoy the atmosphere and the Prasad as well. Those of us who are
      fortunate enough to live close by were able to walk home as we carried
      with us some of the light and peace of the evening along with the
      singing birds and the rustling trees, sharing with us their harmonious
      joy and peaceful life energy late into the evening.

      New York-fully,


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