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Inspiration-Sun | Guru's Western Flute Gift

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    Inspiration Sun, is a newsletter produced by Projjwal and other members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. We will be publishing some of these articles here on the Sri
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      Inspiration Sun, is a newsletter produced by Projjwal and other members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. We will be publishing some of these articles here on the Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group.

      Guru's Western Flute Gift

      by: Kishore

      In 1975, the first year of my discipleship, we visited Sydney to speak with Guru on the phone. In those days New York still seemed a far-off place and Australia was truly a land `down under' - very far away. Even the thought of travelling the almost 1000 kilometre journey from Melbourne to Sydney was daunting enough. It was a thrilling experience and one that we would grow accustomed to, sitting around the phone listening to Guru's golden voice. On this occasion Guru cajoled and begged us to come to New York . . . "come by boat if you can", was His sweet plea.

      So then it was astonishing news when we heard early in 1976 that Guru was actually coming to Australia to visit each of the Centres. Australia is a vast land and the main cities where the Centres are located are spread across a distance of over 5000 kilometres. Guru
      was coming to Australia for two whole weeks. During this first visit we shared many unique and amazing experiences. And of all the gifts Guru blessed us with during this time, perhaps one of the most special is that He took up the western flute and so began a remarkable relationship with this haunting instrument.

      It was March 10 and we had organised a bus trip to a nature park on the outskirts of Melbourne. Now, `nature park' in Australia means kangaroos, koala bears, wombats and all kinds of exotic fauna and Guru was keen to get amongst them. During the bus ride to the park, called Healesville Sanctuary, Guru was chatting with one of the disciples about her flute. Guru asked to see it and was shown how to get a sound from it and occupied Himself for the rest of the journey in this manner.

      When we arrived at the sanctuary, well forget the animals, Guru was completely absorbed in His new instrument. He sat on a bench and started playing rudimentary notes, which very quickly turned into little extemporaneous melodies. Funnily enough, the kangaroos began to
      approach Guru out of sheer curiosity and soon He was trying to charm them with His new found skills. One kangaroo in particular just sat quietly, mesmerised by Guru's melodies. It was as though Guru was playing to the very heart and soul of Australia through this admiring representative of this vast and ancient land. The bus-ride home was, for the most part, uneventful. I remember Guru sitting in the front seat, amusing Himself with new sounds. I remember feeling somehow that this was a special moment, like seeing Lord Krishna playing on His celestial flute.

      It is now 32 years on, it is a warm summer's evening in Melbourne and we are all singing flute songs sent around the world by Tanima to celebrate Guru's western flute anniversary. We meditate for a moment on Guru's famous flute statue. Guru has asked that this statue reside in the Melbourne Centre. Suddenly the statue comes to life. Quite literally this form created by Kaivalya radiates with Guru's Divine Consciousness as we meditate upon its form. It is palpable and everyone feels it.

      I am suddenly remembering a bus ride now far off in time, remembering where the journey began and where it is now taking us, so many years later. I am feeling, "Guru, what a sublime gift You have given to Australia, to have started Your divine flute-journey here, in this southernmost `land down under,' a gift to be cherished for all time."

      by Kishore
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