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Gratitude-Poem for today, April 1st, 2008

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  • kamalakanta47
    Dear friends, Here is the gratitude-poem by Sri Chinmoy (unofficial) for April 1st, taken from the book The Wings of Gratitude , a collection of
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      Dear friends,

      Here is the gratitude-poem by Sri Chinmoy (unofficial) for April 1st,
      taken from the book "The Wings of Gratitude", a collection of
      gratitude-poems by Sri Chinmoy:

      April 1st

      "A life of soulful gratitude
      Is the richest life on earth.
      Therefore, countless people
      Think that they cannot afford
      To lead that life."
      -Sri Chinmoy

      Dear friends. brothers and sisters all, today I offer you a little
      bonus: Some of Sri Chinmoy's writings on gratitude. Most are questions
      and answers. The very first one relates to the poem I just posted,
      about gratitude being the richest life on earth, and that most of us
      feel we cannot afford it. To find more, please read on!


      Let us take God as a shopkeeper. He sells many things: love, joy,
      beauty, purity, grace and many, many other things. But in his shop
      there is one thing that is most expensive, and that is gratitude. When
      we go to God the shopkeeper, everything we can buy because it is quite
      cheap. But when we try to buy gratitude we are shocked when we hear
      the price. We don't have that much money. Why? Because to buy
      gratitude we have to become aspiration itself, dedication itself,
      devotion itself, surrender itself. Our life of aspiration, dedication,
      devotion and surrender will be our currency to buy gratitude from
      God's shop.

      We are under the impression that gratitude is something we have which
      we are not giving to God; but we are mistaken. We can have nothing to
      give to God unless and until we have first gotten it from Him.
      Gratitude has to come from God directly. If God does not give us the
      sense, the feeling, the flower of gratitude within us, then we can
      never offer gratitude to Him.

      We must cry to God for the power of gratitude. In the spiritual life,
      a moment of sincere gratitude to the Supreme is equal to an hour of
      most intense aspiration, concentration, meditation and contemplation.
      Gratitude has the mightiest power to win God, but we have to get it
      before we can give it.

      We all use the word 'gratitude'. We try to make others feel what
      gratitude means, but we ourselves do not know, we ourselves have never
      felt it in the strict sense of the term. Everything else has been born
      in the earth-consciousness, but gratitude has yet to take birth. When
      divine gratitude takes birth in our human life, God-manifestation will
      not remain a far cry. When gratitude takes birth in human life, God's
      Reality will be able to manifest itself on earth.

      Question: What is the best way to think of you and the Supreme during
      the day?

      Sri Chinmoy: The best way is through gratitude, soulful gratitude.
      Offer gratitude: that is the best way, the only way. The second you
      offer gratitude in your thoughts and in your feelings, your oneness
      will be perfect. If you offer gratitude, you will understand more;
      your mental vision, psychic vision, everything will become perfect.
      Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude is the only answer. Try to grow the
      gratitude-flower inside your heart and watch it blossom petal by
      petal. As it blossoms it is spreading its beauty and fragrance.

      Question: What is the relationship between love and gratitude?

      Sri Chinmoy: If it is true love, the love that expands, then its
      source is gratitude. Gratitude is the creative force, the mother and
      father of love. It is in gratitude that real love exists. This love is
      not the human love, it is divine love. Love expands only when
      gratitude is there. Limited love does not offer gratitude. Limited
      love is immediately bound by something-by constant desires or constant
      demands. But when it is unlimited love, constant love, then gratitude
      comes to the fore. This love becomes all gratitude.

      Question: What is the significance of gratitude?

      Sri Chinmoy: Gratitude is a living reality. A seeker has to know
      that his most powerful capacity is gratitude. What God has is infinite
      Compassion and what we have is gratitude. God's gift to man is
      infinite Compassion and our gift to God is an iota of gratitude to be
      placed at His Feet. Gratitude-power can never be surpassed. It is the
      only satisfaction we can offer God. This is not because God needs our
      gratitude but because He needs ample opportunity to enter into us in a
      more effective way, and gratitude increases our heart's receptivity.


      If there is any shortcut in the spiritual life to arrive at the Golden
      Shore, then gratitude is the shortcut. If there is a secret and sacred
      way to love, please and fulfil God, then it is the way of gratitude.
      Gratitude embodies and reveals all our divine virtues. It is by virtue
      of gratitude that we can bring down God's infinite Power, infinite
      Light, infinite Love. Gratitude is the master key to open up all the
      doors of Divinity's Palace.

      Question: How can we show the Supreme gratitude for His Compassion?

      Sri Chinmoy: We do not actually show gratitude; we become
      gratitude. Gratitude is not a matter of showing. Here I have a finger
      and I can show it. No, it is not like that. The moment we want to show
      gratitude, we take away the sweetness, the real wealth, the real
      secret or real power, the very raison d'ętre of gratitude. So
      gratitude we don't show; we don't even express it. Gratitude is
      something that we grow into, we become. It is not a matter of offering
      gratitude when God shows us infinite Compassion. We have to just
      become gratitude itself.

      Suppose I do something for you. Let us say I give you a smile or I
      help you in your meditation. Immediately become a garland of
      gratitude, but not with the idea of expressing it. The moment you
      express, the reality goes away from its Divinity's height. During your
      meditation, if you feel that the Supreme, our eternal Guru, has given
      you a good meditation, then without using the human tongue, you can
      say, "O Supreme, I am so grateful to You. You have granted me today a
      very high meditation. It is all due to Your Compassion." Instead of
      uttering this, instead of using the human tongue, just feel inside
      that your heart is all gratitude. If your heart is all gratitude it
      means your real existence has become all gratitude.

      Question: How can I feel the necessity for gratitude?

      Sri Chinmoy: You can feel the necessity for gratitude if you feel
      that gratitude is your living breath. Feel that if your
      gratitude-breath is extinguished, then you are dead. Each time you
      offer gratitude for a fleeting second, feel it is a living breath.

      On earth there is nothing so important or significant as gratitude. In
      God's case, the most significant thing He has is Compassion. God is
      Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, but His Compassion-Power makes
      us close to Him. If He did not have Compassion-Power, we would not
      care for Him. If we can show God an iota of gratitude, God feels that
      within us He can exist. Our gratitude is God's Existence, God's House,
      God's Abode. God has to live in the street unless He can live inside
      our gratitude-heart.

      Atar: Does a seeker's gratitude-heart truly carry more
      significance than his own personal transformation?

      Sri Chinmoy: Definitely. A seeker's gratitude is infinitely more
      important than his longing for transformation. His gratitude will
      automatically give him the easiest, safest and quickest way to
      transform his personal life. Gratitude has more to offer us than our
      personal transformation.

      Question: What is the best way to bring new life into each new day?

      Sri Chinmoy: The best way to bring new life into each new day is
      to offer endless gratitude to God the Creator and God the creation
      early in the morning. When our gratitude-heart blossoms, it
      immediately covers the length and breadth of the world. The beauty and
      fragrance of a gratitude-heart will always remain unsurpassable among
      all the divine qualities that a seeker has. So the answer is
      gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!

      Question: What is the relationship between gratitude and oneness?

      Sri Chinmoy: Between gratitude and oneness we see the relationship
      of the outer reality and the inner reality. With gratitude, we go
      inside and discover our oneness. And when we come out from inside,
      where we have established our oneness, at that time we see that
      gratitude is there. Inside, we go to see what we are; outside, we come
      to see what we have. Gratitude is to have; oneness is to be. This is
      the relationship. Gratitude means that we have something and oneness
      means that we are something. One eternally is; the other eternally
      has. Gratitude has God as its very own and oneness is God Himself.

      Question: How can we offer our gratitude and increase our
      gratitude to you and to the Supreme?

      Sri Chinmoy: Gratitude is the most precious thing that a human
      being can have. If someone has a million dollars and if someone else
      has only an iota of gratitude, in the Eyes of the Supreme he who has
      an iota of gratitude to God is far superior. Gratitude is the purest
      thing that we can have. It is immortal in us. If we can offer to God
      whatever is immortal, soulful and significant, then that is most

      Someone can have outer wealth, but if he has spiritual
      wealth-simplicity, purity, humility-that is far better. Again,
      somebody can be pure, devoted and sincere, but if he does not have any
      gratitude to God, then his purity is not perfect. On the other hand,
      if somebody is of bad character but is grateful to God for not yet
      having been caught or punished, and if he offers gratitude to God and
      wants to change his life, then God is pleased.

      Every morning you should offer gratitude to God for your existence.
      You should offer gratitude because God has kept you on earth to
      manifest Him. So gratitude is the most important thing in our life.
      Nothing is more important in God's Eyes than gratitude.

      enjoy! (IN JOY) Kamalakanta
    • suchana27
      Thank you, Kamalakanta, for taking the time of sharing this divine inspiration from our beloved Guru. It is exactly something I have been looking for on these
      Message 2 of 4 , Apr 4, 2008
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        Thank you, Kamalakanta, for taking the time of sharing this divine
        inspiration from our beloved Guru. It is exactly something I have
        been looking for on these Celebrations days.

      • kamalakanta47
        Thanks to you, Suchana, for all the good work that you have done for seekers all over the world. Your translations are excellent! with gratitude, Kamalakanta
        Message 3 of 4 , Apr 4, 2008
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          Thanks to you, Suchana, for all the good work that you have done for
          seekers all over the world. Your translations are excellent!

          with gratitude, Kamalakanta
        • suchana27
          Dear Kamalakanta, You cannot deny you are an indispensable part of our Hispanic translating team ! I admire your poetic translations which are always
          Message 4 of 4 , Apr 6, 2008
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            Dear Kamalakanta,

            You cannot deny you are an indispensable part of our Hispanic 'translating team'! I admire your poetic translations which are always impressive and heart felt.

            I am grateful for your encouragement though my translating activities
            are a little stopped at the moment. Guru himself refers to the power of encouragement in the following paragraphs:

            "In every field I have been encouraged. At the Ashram also, I happened to be a writer, but by far the best author wanted me to be his translator. There were so many holding highest degrees, but he did not like their translations. He wanted me to be his translator. So again I was encouraged."

            "... Encouragement we all need. Again, if there is discouragement, we
            need adamantine will-power. If we want to do something no matter how we are discouraged on the way, we have to go forward."

            Sri Chinmoy (unofficial) in http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/books/1347/2/9/

            When I was a child my first English teacher only encouraged me to do
            translations. I learned much more Spanish from that activity than what I could learn at school. But years later I thought it had been a waste of time as I couldn't speak English as fluently as it was required by circumstances, you know.

            When my spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy came to my life, he encouraged me again to do some translations, including over 200 poems from 'Flower-Flames' which I gladly did.

            There was no more waste of time from that day on but a new incredible
            way for me to keep in tune with the Source of all beauty, peace and

            I am very happy and grateful to share this manifestation now with my
            brothers and sisters on the path - Kamalakanta, Hareen, Andrés, Enakshi Nilaya & Fraymond.

            Soulful Celebrations!
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