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gratitude-blossoms 2 - A quiet conversation.

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  • dmchaudhurani
    I mentioned in the post sent in reply to re gratitude-blossoms 1 that my friend s son had a car accident on the early hours of Sunday Morning 17th Feb. His
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2008
      I mentioned in the post sent in reply to 're gratitude-blossoms 1'
      that my friend's son had a car accident on the early hours of Sunday
      Morning 17th Feb. His situation - and giving the whole family what
      support I can - has been occupying most of my available time since
      then, which is why I didn't get to a computer earlier. I have missed
      the inspiration of Inspiration!

      I mentioned in the aforementioned post, that this is a family who
      love Guru and met him in 2003. The boys, who call me grandma, read Guru's books and poems so I try to encourage them in their lives of aspiration - a bit like a God-Mother might, and I often take them prasad from my Centre.

      The eldest boy is 17. I'm sure Guru was protecting him on the
      night of the crash as he was not seriously injured. One boy died
      and the other is still in hospital, just out of a coma. It was a
      very nasty crash.

      He was discharged on Friday 22nd. He had a lot of cuts and bruises but the worst injury was a very badly broken arm which is now in plaster from shoulder to hand. He has two metal plates in it which will be with him for life.

      The following text-message conversation took place on 21/22. My
      reference to being in hospital myself relates to 2004, when as many
      people know, Guru worked one of his famous miracles. This 'quiet
      conversation' is a lovely example of the way that Guru's blessings
      embrace the wider world, and how we can offer his Light in unexpected

      21-Feb-2008 23:45:49

      I texted -
      R U asleep ?

      He texted back -

      Me neither

      Ok wat u doin
      Were r u

      I should b either preparing 4 2morrows classes or going 2 bed.
      But I'm just thinking of u.
      I was remembering wot it was like
      wen I was in hospital + couldn't sleep.

      O ok

      I don't want 2 keep u awake. R u ok with texting?

      Yh im just twistin n turning tryin 2 gt 2 sleep

      Have u still got a drip in ur arm?


      Wen I had one it meant I couldn't move + get comfortable. My arm
      sometimes swelled up wen the drip stopt working. Then they'd call
      the `vampires' to put another one in and make more holes in my other
      arm so nights were very long + miserable.

      Im tryna gt 2 sleep but ma eyes ent closing

      How is ur arm now?
      Does it stop u from getn comfortable?

      Na arms alryt

      There r sum good xrsizes Guru's given us 2 use.

      1 is just 2 watch ur breath.
      Let it b as gentle + deep + slow as u can –
      but still natural + relaxt.
      Just watch your breath like that 4 a few minutes.
      Then use it like a prayer.
      As the breath entrs imagn its coming from God.
      God is breathing His Breath into ur heart - Absolute Purity + Peace.
      Then as u breath out imagn that u r breathing ur breath
      into God's Heart.
      Its flowing like a river, carrying away everything `undivine' out of
      u like all pain + sadness and fear.
      Feel that u r a little child curld up on Guru's lap.

      (I waited for a few minutes and then re-sent the text in case it had
      not worked. Still no answer so I sent the final text.)

      No reply yet so I think u r sleeping.
      Any time u r feeling stressed or tearful u can use that simple
      breath-exercise. I use it a lot. Just try it + see miracles unfold
      in ur life.
      Well I'm falln asleep now too, so I'll say goodnyt + God-Bless.
      Lots of love from me.

      Sent 22-Feb-2008 01:09:11

      Next day I phoned him and asked if he had received the last texts.
      I wasn't sure as he had not replied. He said he had received the one
      with the breathing exercises when I sent it the first time. He tried
      using it straight away and it really helped. That's how he came to
      fall asleep and not reply to any more texts.
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